Pennsylvania RB Taking Hard Look at Tide

<b>Mikell Simpson</b> of Harrisburg High School is one of the top running back prospects in the country. Simpson is looking to leave the state of Pennsylvania and names four schools that he knows he wants to visit.

"I have set one official visit to UCLA for December 3-5. Three other visits I most likely will go on is to Virginia, Alabama, and Nebraska," said Mikell Simpson.

Of the four schools Simpson plans to visit, he does not have an overall favorite.

"They are all equal right now. I will not have a favorite until I get a chance to visit the campuses and maybe attend some games to see what the atmosphere is like."

The star running back knows what he likes about his favorites.

UCLA: "I like that they have great tradition. I know they have a great education program and I have never been out west. I would like to see how it is out there."

Virginia: "Virginia is in the ACC and I think it is the toughest conference in the country right now. They are a team that is on the uprise and they are looking for a running back. They have one junior and two seniors right now. I know their backs are involved a lot."

Alabama: "I don't really know too much about Alabama. They are in the SEC and that is a great league to play in. I have talked to their coaches. They told me how their running back last year lead the SEC in rushing and I think they lead the SEC this year in rushing as well. I am really looking forward to that."

Nebraska: "They are always a powerhouse. Nebraska can always have a team in contention for a National Championship. I like the way they are now using the West Coast Offense."

Simpson will look at a few aspects before making his college decision.

"I want to go where I feel the most comfortable. I want to be able to contribute and I want to fit in well. I will wait until after my official visits before I make a decision," said Simpson.

"All the coaches that I have said were my favorites called me. The only other two schools that have called have been Michigan State and Ohio State. I will probably take my fifth official visit to one of those schools."

Harrisburg High School is off to a rocky start, and Simpson is hoping things are going to improve.

"The season is not going too good. We are 1-3. Hopefully, we will start to turn the season around. I have not been seeing the ball too much this year. I am still playing running back. I have not been able to attend any games because most of our games are on Saturdays," said Simpson.

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