Tide Commitment Ready for Showdown

This summer <b>Cory Reamer</b> of Hoover High School announced his commitment to the University of Alabama. Reamer is playing a key role in helping Hoover, the number four ranked team in the country, make another state championship run. This week, they take on another undefeated team in Vestavia.

"The season is going good. We won Homecoming last week against Tuscaloosa County. We are ready for Vestavia this week. We are 4-0 and so are they. It is going to be a huge game. The game will be played at the Hoover Met. It is suppose to be the largest crowd ever in attendance. We have prepared and worked hard for the game all this week," said Cory Reamer.

Reamer has moved from his safety position to linebacker.

"I have been playing linebacker all season. I am just getting used to it. We had some injuries at our fall camp, so they moved me to linebacker. I have been making a lot of tackles. I had a bunch of tackles last game. I picked off a pass and ran it back for 43 yards."

Reamer is excited about seeing his future team doing well.

"Alabama has been doing really good. They had a really good chance to win last week and they still have a chance to go to Atlanta for the SEC championship. I think if the quarterback gets settled in and starts to step it up, they should do really good. The whole team just needs to pull together and not worry about Brodie (Croyle) going down. They have a chance to be really good this year," said Reamer.

"I have been to all the home games this year. I will be there this weekend for the South Carolina game. I will try to go to the rest of the home games. I really enjoy being at the games. I love the atmosphere. I will probably go to the Tennessee game. That will be the best opportunity for me to attend an Away game."

The Alabama coaches are staying in close contact with Reamer.

"I talk to Coach Cheese (Harbison) and Coach Ball every week. Coach Cheese calls me every Wednesday or Thursday. The only other coach that has called me was an Ole Miss coach. He called me the week we played them. He did not know that I was committed. Coaches usually call Coach Propst and he tells them that I am committed to Alabama," said Reamer.

Reamer enjoys going to the games and talking with future teammates.

"I met Cole Harvey from Tallahassee. We talked a lot. He sat right in front of me during the game, so we talked the whole time. He is working on getting his teammate, Fred Rouse, to come here. That would be great if we could get him. I have talked to a lot of recruits at the games. I have talked to Tommy Trott, Charles Hoke, Montez Billings, and Terrell Smith."

On Friday, Hoover (4-0) and Vestavia (4-0) meet for a 6A showdown at the Hoover Met.

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