Recruiting Diary - Tommy Trott

Tommy Trott walks TheInsiders through a a typical game weekend: the phone calls, the preparation, and the game itself. Get a look inside the weekend of one of the top tight end prospects in the country in <b>Tommy Trott's Recruiting Diary </b>courtesy of TheInsiders Southeast Recruiting Team.

Thursday: Thursday's practice is our walk through practice. All we do is workout, watch some last minute film, and run over a few plays out on the game field. We're only out there for probably an hour or so, and then we get to go home. We prepared for what our coaches told us would be our biggest test up to date in Geneva. Both teams are going into this game 4-0.

We really have yet to face any tough competition. This looks to be a great game, a chance for us to see how we handle a close game, and a very good defense. There is a lot of pressure on us for this game. Our school has gone undefeated in the past three regular seasons.

Every Thursday night, I go to Young Life that we have in Montgomery. It's a place where a bunch of high school kids go, and we mess around and get a nice little Christian message at the end.

One of my friends was picking me up and right before I got in the car, Coach Cristobal from Miami called. I only talked to him for a couple minutes. He told me about their plan for Georgia Tech. I really like talking to Coach Cristobal. He's a real fun guy to talk to.

I missed a couple of calls on my cell phone from coaches while I was there (Young Life). I think Purdue and Ole Miss both called.

When I got home, Coach Tuberville (Auburn) had called on the house phone, but I missed him. I sat down to do some homework and Coach Ensminger (Auburn's tight end coach) called me. I asked if he would call me back in about 10 minutes because I was on the other line. He told me he would call me back Sunday some time.

Around 10:00, I got a call from Coach Randolph at Alabama. I talked to him until 10:30. We talked about Geneva, their upcoming game against South Carolina and the situation at quarterback. Coach Randolph is a great guy. He told me he was planning on coming to our game the next night, but he didn't realize that Geneva was so far away.

Friday: Gameday. We checked out of school at 2:00 to leave and go to Geneva. It was about a 2 1/2 hour drive. Geneva has a real nice stadium a community where everyone loves and supports their home team. It turns out, Coach Randolph decided to come to the game anyway.

Our team only had about 100 yards of total offense and three first downs. It was a terrible night for us. Our defense stepped up and played big. I only had one catch for maybe 3 yards on a screen pass that went no where. Geneva had a real good front four and was able to drop 7 guys into coverage all night and still get pressure on our quarterback.

I got to play a good bit of defense and came up with eight tackles, three for loss and one 76 yard interception returned for a touchdown, from a dropped end position. Geneva gained about 350 yards of total offense but only managed to score 13 points. We definitely lucked out in this game and won 17-13.

I look forward to talking to Coach Randolph again this week. I will see if he will critique my play at defensive end, since that is what he coaches.

Saturday: I didn't go to any football games Saturday. I really just wanted to sit at home and hang out with my friends and watch some football on TV. I saw some good games. Watched the Bama game with some of my Bama friends. I was disappointed to see them lose to South Carolina. I thought Alabama played well, they're just struggling to find their passing game without Brodie.

Again their running game looked great. They threw the ball to Clint (Johnston) a few times and I like that.

We watched the Auburn game and it didn't turn out to be much of a game. Auburn looked real good in their game against Tennessee. Cooper Wallace missed a big one for a touchdown, but caught a couple later.

Sunday: Didn't quite wake up in time to make it to church, but I watched a little of it on TV. I lazed around all day and did relatively nothing. I talked to a few reporters, Jamie Newberg, and some guy from a Miami magazine. Jamie told me they would like for me to go on Countdown to Signing Day on Fox. I told him I would really like to do that.

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