Stamps Moves to Safety

Freshman Marcel Stamps, who began his career at Alabama as a receiver in August, has moved to safety, donning a red jersey during Tuesday's practice along with the rest of his defensive colleagues.

"I've been thinking about it a while because they thought I was being physical on special teams, and I couldn't be physical at receiver because I wasn't getting many reps," Marcel Stamps said. "I guess going over there was the best thing."

Stamps said the decision to move him to safety was mutual between he and the Alabama coaches, but that Stamps broached the subject.

"I guess it was already in their minds and I was thinking about it, too. I just asked them and they were like ‘it's alright' if I was sure about it. Whatever task they put me to I feel like I'm capable of fulfilling it so I'm just going to go out there and work hard and give it my all."

Said defensive secondary coach Chirs Ball said, "He's doing alright. We just moved him over there so he's a little bit behind. He's got a lot of stuff to learn. Being on the defensive side of the ball helps him with (tackling on special teams), too."

Stamps has seen double-digit plays on special teams in every game, making six tackles on the year, and he took a few less-meaningful snaps at receiver against Western Carolina.

Stamps said he's still in the process of learning the plays and making the adjustment to defense after spending most of the summer learning the offensive play. He said his first day at safety was last Tuesday.

"I had to go over there and learn the defensive plays. I feel like with the help of the coaches and player I can learn. I just got the book, but I learned enough that I can go to practice out there and go through reps."

Stamps was originally set to "grayshirt", or delay his enrollment to The University until January 2005.

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