Kines Must Replace Garth, Keep D Going

Joe Kines said on Tueday that Saturday's game versus Kentucky will be the third week in a row the Tide has faced a tall, hard-running quarterback with some option attack in the mix. For the most part the Tide defense has faired well, despite losses in both those games.

Alabama is allowing just 246 yards per games, making it the fourth-best defense in the nation. Kines, of course, said it will mean something to him when Bama starts winning again.

This week Kines will be without starting linebacker Juwan Garth. Garth was replaced by Demarcus Waldrop last week, who made 10 tackles including two for loss during the game.

"Demarcus turned in some good numbers," Kines said. "But the best thing he did was he didn't void anything. He didn't cause a major breakdown and actually made a couple of nice plays. He got us off the field on a third-and-short one time, and you can't play it much better than he did.

"He doesn't play like Juwan but he's got his own style. That's good. He's an oily little guy. He can kind of squirt through there on occasions. I don't know how he got through there one time, he just kind of slid right on through there."

Kines said that he would probably "play a couple of guys over there early in the week and make a decision as we get on down toward the end of the week. We're back to doubling up, probably. Our guys know the system pretty good now so that shouldn't be a major problem as far as getting somebody that knows what to do over there."

Freddie Roach and Terrence Jones are the leading candidates to help out the weak side spot.

"We don't want to mess with DeMeco and we don't want to mess with what we've got going on inside there for sure," Kines said. "We'll just have to see what else might unfold here. We'll make a decision by Wednesday for sure."

Roach played at a defensive end in pass-rush situations against South Carolina. On at least one play, the Tide's defensive line consisted of Roach and Anderson playing end, with Todd Bates and Wallace Gilberry lined up at tackles.

"Freddie's played well. He probably played his best game last Saturday," Kines said of Roach. "He did a good job rushing the passer. We played him in a nickel situation down at end and played him outside rushing in a couple of schemes we have there."

Kines said his squad's defensive attitude hasn't changed because of the struggles of the offense.

"We hadn't got time to look up and see what else is going on," he said. "You take your mind and your eyes off your focus and you get distracted and start going backwards. We sure can't afford to do that. We've got to tackle better than we did last week.

"A lot of these things that people talk about you can't focus on because they're mind things, but when you get down to blocking and tackling and those things, when a player can see that and get better at that then the end results going to make the team better."

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