Indy Bowl photo report: Day 2

It was the Tide's second day in Shreveport, but its first day to practice. Since the rain yesterday made taking the team picture impractical, that task was accomplished following the workout.

Following Sunday's practice session, senior Neal Thomas models this year's bowl jersey. Pessimistic fans out there are sure to note that Alabama has yet to win a bowl game wearing an official bowl patch.

Dennis Franchione talks to the media after practice. When asked by a local television reporter earlier if he would explain the correct pronuciation of his name, Franchione quickly responded "Sure, it's Den-nis." When the laughter quieted down, he went on "But you can call me Coach Fran. And you can pronounce my last name almost any way, so long as you don't put a four-letter word in front of it." For the record, it's "Fran-cho-nee"

Safety Waine Bacon (#24) and defensive end Nautyn Mckay-Loescher (#90) have some fun following practice. Coach Fran explains that he expects his players to have a good time--so long as they're serious when it's time to play football.

Confusion appears to reign as the squad waits to pose for the team photo. But appearances can be deceiving, as within minutes everyone was in his assigned place.

Tyler Watts (#14), Freddie Milons (#15), and Cornelius Wortham (#16) sit in sequential order according to jersey number as the coaches organize the squad for the official bowl photo.

Senior wideout Freddie Milons talks to a reporter after Sunday's practice session.

At 6-6, 330+, Dennis Alexander (#73) really is one of the biggest players on the squad. But he's not quite THAT big, as the sophomore guard is standing on a bench hidden from the camera.

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