Season Ending Injury Doesn't Stop Recruting

Two weeks ago, Lincoln High School in Nebraska thought they had seen it all. They lost three players for the season, including one player who remains in a coma. On October 1, they also lost star linebacker, Brent Gritton for the season.

"We were making a tackle and one of my teammates rolled over on my leg and I broke my ankle. I had surgery last Saturday, and I am still in some pain. I am getting better and the doctors said I will have 100% recovery," said Brent Gritton.

The season ending injury has not changed recruiting for Gritton.

"None of the schools I have talked to, so far, said they a problem with it. They said a break is better than a sprain. I broke the little bone in my ankle and none of my ligaments or tendons were injured."

"I have talked to Iowa State, Ohio, and Wyoming. They have told me they still want me. Northwestern, Utah, Kansas State, and Wisconsin have all said they still want me to send in some film. I have not talked to the Alabama coaches yet. They do not know of my injury. I have been trying to get in touch with them. I am sure they will say the same thing the other coaches did and it will be fine," Gritton added.

Though Gritton has not talked to the Alabama coaches, Alabama still remains as a front-runner.

"Alabama is still high on my list. Alabama and Iowa State are my two favorites."

Due to Gritton's injury, attending college games are put on hold.

"I had to cancel going to the Northwestern/Ohio State game last weekend. I am not going to be able to go to as many games as I wanted to. It is real important I keep my ankle elevated all of the time. It would be hard for me to walk around at a game with crutches. The doctors said I should be off my crutches on December 2. I am really wanting to get to the Alabama/Auburn game. I guess I will have to wait and see. I am not saying I will have to be off my crutches for me to go to that game," said Gritton.

Lincoln-East is starting to feel the effects of losing several key players.

"It is not looking really good. We lost 52-14, this past week. We are really banged up. We have starters and team leaders not out there on the field. Several young guys are going to have to step up. Hopefully, we can turn it around here soon. It is just one of those years."

Several weeks ago, teammate Brady Beran, was injured during a game, in a head-to-head collision and underwent emergency surgery. After several weeks, Beran is still fighting for his life.

"Not much has changed. He is back in a coma and is responding a little bit. It is going to take some time. He is doing a lot better than the doctors expected," said Gritton.

Thoughts and prayers continue for the Beran family.

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