Alabama Depth Chart vs. Kentucky

Alabama dressed the SEC limit of 70 men for a road game and 67 saw action in The Tide's win over Kentucky in Lexington. Only back-up quarterbacks Marc Guillon, Adam Thrash and A.J. Milwee failed to play. Bama used 28 on offense, 27 on defense, and 11 on special teams.

Spencer Pennington got his first start of this season at quarterback. Tight end Greg McLain played for the first time this year after having been out with an elbow injury suffered last spring. Regulars in the Alabama lineup Keith Brown (wide receiver) and Juwan Garth (weakside linebacker) were held out with injuries.

On Bo Freelend's run from punt formation, the 11 players were listed as being in on a punt play, even though it turned out to be an offensive play.

Here are those who played with starters listed first and the number in parenthesis the number of plays. If there are two numbers, the second is the number of plays on special teams.


Split End–Matt Caddell (29), Zeke Knight (3-20), Marcus McKnight (9), Matt Ragland (10-13)

Left Tackle–Wesley Britt (58-7), Chris Capps (16-1)

Left Guard–Evan Mathis (58-7), Mark Sanders (16-1)

Center–JB Closner (58), Travis West (16)

Right Guard–Danny Martz (58-7), Justin Moon (13-1), Taylor Britt (3)

Right Tackle–Kyle Tatum (58-7), Von Ewing (16-1)

Tight End–Clint Johnston (41-5), David Cavan (35-8), Trent Davidson (18-8), Greg McLain (10)

Quarterback–Spencer Pennington (74)

Halfback–Ray Hudson (21), Kenneth Darby (29-1), Aaron Johns (14)

Fullback–Tim Castille (34), Le'Ron McClain (29-14), Josh Smith (11-17)

Flanker–DJ Hall (19), Tyrone Prothro (41-4), Matt Miller (17-12)


Right End–Mark Anderson (35-3), Chris Harris (12), Keith Saunders (3-1)

Right Tackle–Jeremy Clark (18), Justin Britt (16), J.P. Adams (1)

Left Tackle–Rudy Griffin (13), Anthony Bryant (23), Curtis Dawson (7)

Left End–Todd Bates (28), Wallace Gilberry (22), Chris Turner (3)

Strong Linebacker–DeMeco Ryans (40), Terrence Jones (18-11)

Middle Linebacker–Cornelius Wortham (28-3), Freddie Roach (34-3)

Weak Linebacker– Demarcus Waldrop (27-3), Matt Collins (3-8)

Right Cornerback–Anthony Madison (44-1), Simeon Castille (20)

Left Cornerback–Ramzee Robinson (47), Travis Robinson (6-11), Eric Gray (3-17)

Strong Safety–Charlie Peprah (43), Jeffrey Dukes (6-13)

Free Safety–Roman Harper (44-2), Carlos Andrews (6-12)


Punter–Bo Freelend (3)

Placekicker–Brian Bostick (8, 2 FG, 6 PAT)

Kickoff–Jamie Christensen (8)

Holder–Alex Fox (8, 2 FG, 6 PAT)

Snapper–Drew Lane (11, 3 punt, 2 FG, 6 PAT)

Coverage and Returns–Brandon Brooks (9), Marcel Stamps (16), Marcus Carter (13), Chris James (5), Juke King (4), Justin Ballard (1)

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