Ready for a Return

<b>Travis McCall</b> played defensive end for Prattville High School last year and signed with Alabama last February. McCall had a qualifying test score, but his core GPA kept him from joining with the class of 2004. This semester, McCall is taking classes at Prattville High School and is anxious to move Tuscaloosa.

"Everything has been going good. I am taking two classes at Prattville this semester. I am taking Biology and World History. I am doing good in both of those classes. I will not be able to enroll at Alabama until the fall, but I am going to go down there in January and just get use to everything," said Travis McCall.

McCall is staying in contact with the Alabama coaches and is impressed with the Tide's performance this year.

"I have been talking to Coach Randolph about every week. He just tells me to keep working hard. I think Alabama has been having a good year. I figured they wouldn't win many games since their quarterback went down, but they are doing good. They would be 9-0."

The talented defensive lineman has been to several games and was in attendance for the game against Mississippi State.

"I have been to about 3-4 games. I went to the game this weekend with Bobby Greenwood. It was a good game. They are playing pretty good. I think we will have a good shot the next two games. I always think we will have a shot at winning," said McCall.

Bobby Greenwood, also from Prattville, is one of the top defensive ends in the southeast.  McCall would like for Greenwood to follow him to Alabama.

"I know that he likes it. It would be good if he would come to Alabama, but it is his choice. I really hope he comes though."

McCall is uncertain of his position, but is open to all of them.

"The coaches have been talking to me about several positions, but they are not really sure yet. They are talking to me about linebacker, defensive end, fullback, and tight end. It really doesn't matter to me which position I play."

McCall believes the future for Alabama is bright.

"The future is going to be big. I think next year is going to be really big. I am excited about getting to Tuscaloosa," said McCall.

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