Tide Pursuing Premier Backs

The Alabama coaching staff is in hot pursuit for a few top-notch running backs. The Tide staff looks for its recruiting efforts to land two, possibly three speedsters for the class of 2005. Roy Upchurch and Mike Davis discuss their visits with the Alabama coaches.

Mike Davis, 5-10, 210 pounds, from Columbia High School in South Carolina, is one of the top running back prospects on everyone's wish list. An Alabama coach made a stop by Davis' house Tuesday night.

"Coach Sparky Woods came over tonight for about forty-five minutes," Davis said. "The visit went really good. We talked about the scholarship offer and the university."

Davis is strongly considering the Tide and believes it might be the right fit for him.

"I feel like Alabama would be a good school to go to. I am definitely considering them," he said.

When asked where Alabama ranks among his favorites, Davis replied, " I am not going to reveal that for now."

Davis finished his senior season with 2,400 yards rushing and 28 touchdowns. Davis' official visit to Alabama is scheduled for January 7-9.

Another running back high on Alabama's list is Roy Upchurch. Upchurch is a 6-0, 195-pound tailback from Godby High School in Tallahassee. Upchurch finished a sensational senior season with over 2,500 yards rushing and 27 touchdowns.

Alabama is high on the star running back's list.

"Coach Shula and Coach Connelly came to my school today," Upchurch said. "It went really good. They talked to me about 15-20 minutes. We talked about the same stuff we always talk about."

Alabama Head Coach Mike Shula is the first head coach to visit with Upchurch.

"Coach Shula has been the only head coach to visit with me so far," he said. "That really stands out in my mind, more than any other school. I like Coach Shula. He is a real nice guy. He is pretty cool and he seems laid back. That is the same with Coach Connelly. Coach Connelly is my recruiting coach and I like him."

"They (Alabama) are up there with Florida State and North Carolina still. Coach Bowden (FSU) is suppose to be visiting with me on Friday," Upchurch said.

Upchurch has not scheduled any official visits.

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