'Bama Commitment Loves Official Visit

Byron Walton, of West Morgan High School in Trinity, Alabama, committed to the University of Alabama in October. This weekend, Walton took his official visit to the Capstone and loved every minute of it.

"It was great. I really enjoyed myself. I wish I could go down there every weekend," said Byron Walton.

The weekend kicked off Friday night and ended Sunday morning.

Friday: "I got to Tuscaloosa on Friday afternoon. We went to Wings for dinner where we met up with our player hosts. After dinner, we went over to Coach Shula's house for dessert. Later that night, there were a few parties going on in Tuscaloosa. We went out with our player host and met up with a bunch of the players."

Saturday: "We went to the stadium for breakfast. I was able to meet with the head man of the engineer department. He gave me a lot of good info about the degree that I want. We toured the campus and checked out a bunch of the academic buildings. We went over to the football complex, checked all the the practice fields and the weight room. We went over to the stadium and went into the locker room. That was really cool. We had dinner in the press box and then we went to the basketball game. It was the first time I had been to a college basketball game and I now have a favorite team."

Sunday: We had breakfast. We met with Coach Shula in his office. He told me that he is coming to visit with me on Tuesday."

Walton had a great time with his player host and a few other Tide players.

"My player host was Rudy Griffin. He was a great host. He showed me around and started to break me in. I hung out with a few other defensive lineman. I had a good time with Jeremy Clark. We hit it off pretty good with each other," said Walton

The three star defensive lineman was able to meet one of his future teammates during his visit.

"I met Baron Huber. Baron and I, we became friends."

Walton will work on a few things before he arrives in Tuscaloosa.

"We didn't make the play-offs this year. I am playing basketball now. After practices, I work out and try to maintain my strength. When the season is over, I am really going to work hard and try to improve my arm strength and my speed. I am going to be down in Tuscaloosa in July. I will be taking summer classes, during the second term," said Walton.

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