Still High on the Tide

Chris Rogers, of Evangel Christian in Lakeland, Florida, took an official visit to Maryland this past weekend. Though committed to Maryland, the three star defensive back is still very high on the Crimson Tide.

"It was straight. I was hanging out with my teammate Chris Clinton, Lewis Murphy, and Josh Portis. We all chilled and talk about everything. We didn't do too much. I guess because of what happened with Colorado and Willie Williams last year. They really couldn't do much. We just sat around and played video games," said Chris Rogers.

Last summer, there were questions as to why Rogers committed to the Terrapins over Alabama. Rogers received an apology from the Maryland coach .

"I had a real personal talk with Coach Friedgen about what all he said about Alabama last summer. He said he thought that Alabama would still be on probation for a while. He said he did not intend to lie to me. We really didn't say much else about Alabama. Coach Friedgen said he was not threatened by them."

In the last few days, Alabama received two commitments, but Coach Ball has assured Rogers, he is a top priority.

"I heard Alabama got two defensive backs this weekend. Coach Ball called me last night and told me about it. He is coming on Thursday to visit with me at my house. Coach Ball told me those guys were going to commit. He is not pressuring me. He said he has told Coach Shula and the defensive coordinator, I am the guy he wants," said Rogers.

Coach Ball has been relentless in his recruiting efforts of the three star defensive back. The bond the two have built, could play a huge factor in Rogers' final decision.

"Coach Ball was going to come visit with me, last week, at my house. I told him I was going to watch a friend of mine play in the state championship game. He said, "I'll meet you there." We sat there and watched the game together. He said everything would take care of itself. He said there would be a scholarship available for me, no matter what. We talked about all the recruits they were going to get. I wanted to know who all they were getting. I don't want to just talk about me."

When asked about a favorite coach, Rogers replied, "Are you kidding? I love Coach Ball. Plus, he would be my coach, if I went to Alabama. That is just awesome. Coach Ball has done everything he said he would do. If they had not gone to a bowl game, I would not even be talking to Alabama. I wouldn't know if Coach Ball was telling the truth about not being on probation. They are going to one, so he told me the truth," said Rogers.

Rogers plans to wait until after his visit, before he makes a final decision.

"Even though everything I say sounds like I am going to go to Alabama, I just don't know yet. I am going to wait until after my visit before I make a decision. I can't go in there blind. I have to see everything."

There are a few things that will play a big part in Rogers' final decision.

"The coaches at Maryland told me they run a lot of cover four, which is zone. I like man to man a lot more and Alabama does a lot of that. I plan to major in communications and Alabama is one of the top schools in the country. I will talk to my uncle and my personal trainer about it. They talk about the tradition at Alabama. I really couldn't go wrong with either choice. For now, I have told the Maryland coaches I am still committed to them," said Rogers.

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