4 Star Tiger Commit, Looking Hard at Alabama

Alabama Commitment <b>Ali Sharrief</b> of North Jackson High School has a house guest committed to LSU. <b>Chris Keys</b> is currently considered a soft verbal to the Tigers, but that could change. Tuesday night, the Alabama coaches made a visit to Sharrief's home to talk with their recent commit and Chris Keys.

"It went really good. It was good for the most part, until I had to leave and go to the basketball game. We talked about football for a while. We also talked about life after football. That is what I am really interested in and wanted to talk about," said Chris Keys.

The recent Alabama commit, Ali Sharrief, also had a good time with the coaches.

"It went really well. Coach Shula and Coach Ball came up here for a while. They both said they were really happy with my decision. They wanted me really bad. I am going to try and get to Tuscaloosa by June 5th. This past weekend, I took the ACT. I felt really good about it," said Sharrief.

With Sharrief's recent switch from Auburn to Alabama, Keys is thinking about his commitment to LSU.

"That's Ali's decision. I told him to do whatever he felt would be the best situation for him. I am still thinking about it. I am going to go home over Christmas and talk to my family about it. I really have never talked with my mom about it. I told her I was thinking about Alabama. She said we would talk about it over Christmas."

Keys is committed to LSU, but with rumors circulating about Coach Saban (LSU) heading to the NFL, Keys is interested in Saban's decision.

"Right now, I am still committed to LSU. If Coach Saban decides to go to the NFL, that will definitely affect my decision. Coach Smart (LSU) visited with me yesterday. He said there were rumors floating around and I should not be surprised. I am thinking about switching my commitment, but I am going to talk it over with my family, when I go back to Louisiana."

The four star safety did not know much about the Crimson Tide until he moved in with the Sharriefs in the fall.

"I really like Alabama. They are getting off probation. They played eleven true freshmen last year. I know, if I went in there, and worked hard, I would have an opportunity to play next fall. I love the coaches and it is a very nice environment. There are a lot of nice people there," said Keys.

Coach Chris Ball has made a strong impression with Keys.

"I really like Coach Ball. He is a good coach. He is funny. You can talk with him about anything. I know he would be hard on you, when he needs to be."

A final decision will be made when Keys returns from Louisiana. The Tide could get a late Christmas present.

I should know, where I am going, when I get back after Christmas. I want to see what the people back home have to say and try to figure out the best choice for me," said Keys.

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