Fast Riser High on Tide

Colin Peek, 6-6, 250, from Bolles School in Jacksonville, Florida, has emerged as one of the top tight ends in the southeast. Peek was dominant in the state championship game, as Bolles won yet another state title. Peek's stock has soared from there. He is now looking forward to taking his official visits, including a trip to Tuscaloosa.

"I have visits scheduled to Alabama on January 7, Georgia Tech on January 14, and Duke on January 21. Depending on how I feel after I take those visits, I am going to leave the 28th open. Oklahoma has started talking to me a lot. I will wait to see if I need to take another visit," said Colin Peek.

Peek was a name that came late to the recruiting scene for the Crimson Tide, but the three star tight end likes several things about Alabama and has a strong connection to the program.

"Alabama is a program on the rise. They have a great coaching staff. A few of their tight ends were injured this year, and they were not able to use them as much. I know they are planning to use the tight end a lot. My grandfather, Richard 'Rip' Collins played for Alabama. He was the center when Alabama played in their last Rose Bowl."

The family heritage could play a small role in landing the standout tight end.

When asked about the family ties to the Tide, Peek replied, "I want to say that I don't believe it will, but it is always nice to know that I could follow in the footsteps of my grandfather. I know that my grandfather has probably always dreamed of me playing at Alabama."

This weekend, the Alabama coaching staff will make a strong push for Peek. They have made a very strong impression.

"Coach Wyatt has been my recruiting coach. He is a real nice man. He is a great guy, and he knows what he is talking about. He introduced me to all the coaches, like Coach Ungerer and Coach Shula. Coach Wyatt called me tonight (Sunday), making sure I had made all of my reservations for this weekend. He said he is coming to visit with me at my house Wednesday night."

Peek claims he does not have an overall favorite.

When asked if anything separated his top schools, Peek replied, "Alabama's rich heritage. A school like Alabama is dedicated to winning. My grandfather played there, and I would be able to play in the best conference in the country. Alabama offers the all around package for a scholar athlete."

There are a few things Peek is looking for when he takes his official visits.

"The first thing I will be looking at, is the coaching staff. I want to make a strong connection with the coaches because they are going to be my family for the next 4-5 years. The second thing I am looking for, is location. I want to feel comfortable. I have been playing in Florida where it is always warm. I don't want to go somewhere that it will be cold. I want it to be the same climate. I want to be around good facilities. I want to go somewhere my parents would always be able to come and see me play," said Peek.

A final decision will more than likely come after Peek takes all of his official visits, but he is not ruling out the possibility of making a commitment sooner.

"I am pretty sure it will be after I take my official visits. You always hear about people going on an official visit, just falling in love with the place, they go ahead and commit. It might happen, but I think I am going to give all three schools an equal chance."

A standout tight end for one of the top high school football programs in Florida, Peek believes he will bring a lot to the next level.

"The game has been instilled in me through my coach, Coach Rogers. I think he is the best coach in the country. I have had the best coaching. I have learned the fundamentals of blocking and receiving. There is always room to improve on everything. I am going to continually work on being the best receiver and blocker. I am always striving to do better in everything," said Peek.

Peek was able to end his high school career with not one, but two state championship titles. He is being rewarded for his senior year performance.

"We won the state championship this year. We also won it my sophomore year. We lost on the last play, my junior year. I wasn't able to play in the game. I got hurt the week before. "

I had a pretty good year this season. I had 36 catches for 405 yards with seven touchdowns. I am the starting tight end for Team USA. We will play against Mexico, Canada, France, and Japan. We are playing at the Super Bowl, a week before the Super Bowl. It's the global championships. It's pretty awesome. It's just a very prestigious honor to be the starting tight end, and I am real excited," Peek added.

In addition to being named to the Team USA, Peek earned 1st Team All-Coast, the Super 24 team, (the top players in southeast Georgia and northwest Florida).

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