New School in the Mix for Florida DB?

Chris Rogers, from Evangel Christian in Lakeland, is an excellent defensive back from Florida. Rogers is a soft verbal to Maryland. This weekend, he will take his official visit to Alabama to help decide where he will play college football.

"It's getting really hectic. This weekend will make or break Alabama for me. I am deciding where I will be for the next 4/5 years of my life. It's kind of like playing poker. I could be going all in or I could fold. In September, you can play around, but now signing day is a month away," said Rogers.

One school has made a recent move, but Rogers does not expect to take a visit.

"Coach Reed, from South Carolina, came by my house today. He offered me to come up there for an official visit on January 14. I probably won't take the visit. I just can't keep prolonging this. I know that Alabama and Maryland might not be able to wait around much longer."

Rogers watched the Alabama/Minnesota game, and even though the Tide lost, Rogers believes several players will have a bright future.

"I watched the first half of the game. It seemed like the free safety (Harper) was the big playmaker. There were a few bright areas, but they just couldn't stop those two running backs for Minnesota. Those guys were awesome. They looked better than Carnell Williams and Ronnie Brown. The two freshman receivers, Keith Brown and D.J. Hall, looked really good. They dropped a few passes, but they are going to be really good in the future."

Monday night, Coach Chris Ball (Alabama) made a phone call to Rogers.

"I just got off the phone with Coach Ball. He was making sure everything was straight for this weekend. I told him about the South Carolina coach coming to visit," said Rogers.

The three star defensive back is still claiming Maryland has a slight lead over Alabama. A decision will come shortly after his official visit to Tuscaloosa.

"It's still 60/40 Maryland. If it was 50/50, then it would be a done deal. If the visit goes really good, and I am just overwhelmed, I will go ahead and commit during my visit. If I am still wavering, I will have to think about it for a few days."

"I really don't know what I am going to be looking for on my visit. I know it will not be partying. I just want to chill. I might go out a time or two in college, but I just don't go out much. I watch a movie or chill with my girl. I am always going to stay focused on winning a national championship and the Jim Thorpe trophy," Rogers added.

There is one factor that could play a small role in Rogers staying committed to Maryland. Rogers' teammate, Chris Clinton, is currently committed to the Terrapins.

"I don't think it will affect my decision. Everyone around here says we need to play together in college. We can look out for each other, and always be there for one another. We know we have to make our own decisions."

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