Stadium Construction Underway

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For safety purposes, a chain link fence runs from the Northwest end all the way around to Northeast side of Bryant-Denny Stadium, bordering Wallace Wade Avenue, running in front of the DKE fraternity house, the Office of Student Media and Reese Phifer Hall.

Above: A current view of the Bryant-Denny Stadium North endzone.

Looking down from the North end zone Stadium Drive is on the right edge of this photo. The DKE house is also pictured.

Dirt is piled near the Northeast stadium ramp. A communications school parking lot has already been removed to prepare the construction site.

The Office of Student Media is pictured to the right of Stadium Drive. The safety fencing runs just in front of the OSM and Reese Phifer communications building.

The dirt area pictured was formerly the communications building parking lot where the new pavilion will be located for the start of the 2006 Alabama football season.

Stadium Drive intersects University Boulevard.

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