Alabama's Top Prospect in no Rush

Andre Smith of Huffman High School in Alabama is an early candidate for top offensive line prospect in the south, and right now he's being pretty tight lipped on which schools are under consideration for his signature.

"I haven't made a list yet. I'll let ya'll know by the summer. I have offers from every school in the SEC and a few in the ACC," Andre Smith said.

Who has been by his high school to inquire about his services so far?

"Lots of schools have been talking to my coaches, but I don't really know which ones have come by. I think one of them was Georgia because he had that ‘G' on his jacket."

Does Andre have any preliminary camp plans for this year?

"I don't know where I'm going to camp this summer yet. Last year I went to the senior camps at Auburn and Troy and I was only a junior."

Did Smith grow up a fan of anyone?

"I didn't really grow up a fan of any colleges. I'm a Steelers fan. I know Ben (Ben Roethlisberger) because he played with my cousin. He's real cool, and he just told me to keep working hard."

How would Andre describe his strengths and weaknesses?

"I need to work on pass blocking. College speed rushers can go inside and then go back outside so I need to get quicker to stay up with him. The thing I do best is drive block."

The big man from Birmingham is a one man wrecking crew on Friday nights.

"I had 110 pancakes. I averaged 10 a game. My favorite one was probably against Huett-Trussell against a Safety who tried to jump over the top. I caught him and told him ‘I'll be back.'"

Smith is gearing up for track season right now.

"I run the fat man relay and the discuss and shot put. I missed state by like a foot and a half in the shot put."

How are his grades at this stage?

"I have a 3.0 GPA. I want to major in business management."

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