You had Questions; Charles Hoke Answered subscribers asked the questions and Class of 2005 Signee <b>Charles Hoke</b> answered.

We relayed your questions to Charles Hoke, and he came through with the answers.

Sarge4tide: What do you plan to major in at Bama and do you feel it will be difficult to balance the demands of football and school as a freshman?

"I'm undecided at this moment about a major. Possibly something in business. Balancing football and school won't be a problem, if I continue to manage my time wisely."

bbtide: Do you want to get on the field immediately, or would you prefer to redshirt to get bigger and stronger?

"I'd love to get on the field next year, if I could contribute. If not, a redshirt year will help me be able to do that in 2006."

LeahW: Charles, Dear....A question that all the Ladies from BamaMag would like to know the answer to...Do you have a girlfriend and will she follow you to Alabama?

"Yeah, I'm seeing someone, but nobody's following me to Bama next year."

LeahW: Did you always know you wanted to go to Alabama?


LeahW: What separated Alabama from the other schools that recruited you? And, did you really consider any other school?

"The coaching staff and the general attitude of the players. I considered 'that other in-state place' because my best friend Andrew McCain was already committed there."

YogiB: What aspect of playing Tight End do you enjoy the most? What aspect of playing Tight End do you think you will need to work on the most?

"I enjoy catching passes the most. Blocking is probably what I need to work on the most because I didn't get a ton of experience doing it in high school."

luckybilly: Charles, Alabama is one of the finest party schools in America. Are you looking forward to spending some free time on the famous Strip and along Sorority Row?

"I look forward to having a good time in T-town, but I also look forward winning some football games."

kent4bama: Who would you rather catch the game winning TD against...Auburn or Tennessee?

"That's a tough one, but I'm gonna have to go with Auburn. Gotta have those in-state bragging rights."

schris4ua: Do you expect to see any playing time this season? or is it a redshirt year? Whichever way it goes, how much hulk can you put on between now and then?

"I don't know if I will play or not next year. Either way I hope to get up to at least 250 lbs. by the fall."

TheTideMan: Did you experience any "negative" recruiting?

"No, thankfully I did not experience any of that."

DTNJ:What is your true Ht. and Wt. right now?

"6-7, 235 lbs."

DTNJ: Did the coaches give you a target Wt. to report at and are you on any weightlifting schedule?

"Not at this point, hopefully I can be at 250 lbs.when I report. I'm still playing basketball right now so I'm not on a set weight lifting schedule. However, that will change as soon as my season ends."

TideMan81: Seeing how this offense not only depends on our TEs to have catching abilities (and you do), the TEs must also be excellent blockers. How would you rate your blocking skills, do you think you are ready for these big ole boys in the SEC?

"I think Coach Ungerer will do a great job of preparing me technique and assignment wise. The rest is heart, and me just getting it done."

majkzum: Have you had any offers to play Division 1 basketball or do you think you would have if you had not committed to play football? Also, did you play more split out in high school or in tight?

"I haven't received any Division 1 basketball offers, but I decided that I wanted to play football in college after my soph. year. I told all basketball coaches that I wasn't interested. I think I would have some good opportunities for basketball if I wasn't committed for football. Also, I played more split out wide in high school."

"Roll Tide!!"

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