Brandon Fanney: Fan Q&A

Brandon Fanney, a 2005 signee for the Crimson Tide, answered the questions of subscribers.

BamaTech: In a flat out 20 yard race with full pads on, who wins between you and Zo?

"I don't know. We've never raced 20 yards with pads on, but I don't see me losing."

Who wins at your favorite video game football?


clay3482: What number do you plan on wearing?

"I don't know yet. I do know I like # 98, but Chris Turner has it right now."

Who is meaner you or ZO?

"I don't think we play laid back on the field. At the same time, we both get can mean, off the field. I would say it is me."

Will you and ZO be roommates at Bama?

"I think so."

What is different at Hargrave compared to High School?


What was the reason you choose BAMA in recruiting?

"My favorite teams have always been ALABAMA and FSU. They did not recruit me. It was an easy choice for me."

RailroadMan: Hey Brandon and Roll Tide!!!! My only question is are you ready to come in and work your tail off to help this team win their 13th National Championship?

"Oh yea, I have been ready."

fightingamish: My questions are: 1. What position do you see yourself playing on the d-line in two years?


2. Who at Hargrave really impressed you as a football player?

"William Wall and Peria Jerry."

3. How much do you plan on weighing when you enroll this summer?

"Anywhere from 255 to 265."

4. What are your strength and speed numbers?

"225 lbs. 15 times. I have not run my 40 in a while. The last time I ran it, I clocked in at 4.77."

5. In your opinion, how do you compare to your defensive teammates at Hargrave?

"We all have one goal, and that is to get out of here, and go to the schools we have signed with."

6. Any idea on a major yet?

"Physical education. I want to become a coach."

Sarge4tide: Do you see yourself as being a DE your entire career or eventually moving inside someday?

"On the edge."

TideMan81: Welcome to Crimson Tide Family Brandon. As you can tell, us Bama Fans are excited you chose the Tide. What are your impressions of us Bama Fans? We're fanatics when it comes to our Crimson Tide football. Did fan support factor in your final decision to which school you went to?

"Not really, but I do know what Alabama football means to the people down there. Thank you for welcoming me."

UThater: Roll Tide Fanney!!..I think I read where your nickname was pee-wee...Would you mind telling us how you ended up with your nickname?

"At one point, I was little and my family did not think I was going to grow. My aunt gave that name to me, and it has been with me ever since."

CrimsonFever1: Welcome, Brandon! I absolutely can't wait for you and Zo to arrive and start working out and getting acclimated. Do you anticipate playing right or left DE or what? How about Zo? What are your chances of starting and who do you see as the top 6 DEs that will play this season? Roll Tide - it is fantastic to know you will soon be here!

"I'm at left. Zo at right. I don't expect to come in and start. Mark (Anderson) and Wallace (Gilberry) have proven they can play. At the same time, they have no room for mistakes. I have watched both of them play, and I respect them for their play on the field. I'm going to push both of them for a starting spot, because I think I'm just as good."

"Top 6 D-Ends: Mark Anderson, Wallace Gilberry, BRANDON FANNEY, Zo Washington, Chris Harris, Keith Saunders."

Andrew Bone: It has been a great Q & A with Lorenzo Washington and Brandon Fanney "stationed" at Hargrave Military Academy. By reading their answers, it is not a surprise to hear they are ready to leave Chatom, Virginia and suit up for the Crimson Tide.

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