Fan Q&A: Michael Johnson subscribers asked the questions and Michael Johnson answered. Johnson is a 2005 signee from Pine Forest High School, Pensacola, Florida.

Bamapreacher: Great to have you aboard Michael!!

Our data has you listed at 6-5 and 265. What is your current height and weight and what are your weight and strength goals before you hit campus?

"6-5" 280 lb. I hope to be in the 290 to 300 range before July."

CrimsonFever1: First of all - Welcome! Do you anticipate playing left tackle - if not, where? Do you expect to redshirt or do you see a legitimate shot at playing in 2005? What is the one thing you like most about coming to the U of A?

"I hope to play left tackle, but probably wherever I have the best chance of helping the team. I will work as hard as I can. Whether or not I redshirt, is gonna be a coaches decision. I love the Bama coaching staff."

TideMan81: Welcome to greatest football tradition in all the land Michael, we're honored you'll be wearing Crimson, can't wait to watch you play for the Tide....

You're being compared to Wesley Britt when he came out of high school, how does that feel being compared to one of our all-time great O-Lineman? He's leaving some mighty big shoes to be filled, I have no doubt you can fill those shoes just fine..

What is the greatest rewards being an O-Lineman? You guys don't get the glory other players get (sorta the forgotten hero). What makes it all worthwhile being in the trenches....

"Wesley Britt is obviously a great lineman and the fact that my name is even mentioned with his is a great honor. I've met Wesley, and yes, he does have very big shoes. The biggest reward I felt as an O-Lineman in high school, is the brotherhood I felt with the other guys in the trenches. Sometimes the only people who give the line credit is other lineman. Our line called ourselves the "dirtbags." I'll never forget them."

bamalawdawg:1) What are your goals (football or academic) while at UA?

"I want to practice and play hard, win a national championship, and graduate with a degree, with a chance of having a great career."

2) Are you targeting in on one of the tackle spots, or do you expect to compete for any open position on the line? (Shula has stated he wants our top 5 OL out there and some have speculated you may be among our top 5 in August)

"Any position where I can help the team is where I'll play. The coaches know what will be best."

DTNJ: Mike, welcome to Bama, we're thrilled you're here. Are you better at pass blocking or run blocking? Which position do you prefer to play?

If you're slated at left tackle, do you believe you now have the speed and footwork skills to handle SEC caliber pass rushing ends?

"I feel I'm a better pass blocker than I am a run blocker. I prefer to play left because I am the one the quarterback should trust if he's right-handed. Right now, I'm sure I would not be able to handle SEC pass-rushers, but after a lot of hard-work I will be able to. I know I have the ability."

BamaTech: Without naming a school or coach... did you experience any negative recruiting tactics during your run-up to signing with the Tide?

"Not really any negative recruiting, but I did have comments made to me that I should stay in-state."

YogiB: Michael, welcome to Bama. This fan and alum is excited that you chose the Tide, and is looking forward to watching you play. Michael, are you ready to win conference and national championships with Bama?

"That is exactly why I will be coming to Tuscaloosa in July."

clay3482: What is your favorite Hottie celeb chick?

"Jennifer Lopez."

What is your favorite Food?

"This might sound boring, but pizza."

Captain Jiim: We hope you are going to come in ready to play. Do you think you may Redshirt a year as most OL do? I think it is possible for a couple of the true freshman to make the two deep at least, what have the Coaches told you guys?

"The coaches want us to train as hard as possible for the upcoming season. They will evaluate us as soon as we get there, I'm sure. If they told us we would redshirt, there may be a chance that we wouldn't train as hard."

UACJ1: MJ, Looking forward to you picking up your Outland trophy. How did you get to be so mean on the football field? Did you feel any guilt for abusing those boys on the other side of the line? Can we look forward to seeing the same abuse over the next five years?

"I'm not as mean as I look, but when another player is lined up across from me, he'll know I'm better than him by the fourth quarter. Yes, I hope to deliver the same amount of punishment to our "SEC foes" the next five years."

LGwin: Knowing that your stock among the Alabama coaches dramatically improved after you participated in their camp last June, what would you say to rising senior offensive linemen that are still debating on just how important the camp circuit can be?

"Any offensive lineman that has a chance to participate in a camp should take it. I have friends that have as much talent as I do, but they will not be playing in the fall. Camps are a chance to show coaches your athletic abilities. O-Lineman do not get the chance to stand out in games as other skill players do."

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