BamaMag Q&A with Signee Cory Reamer subscribers asked questions to Cory Reamer, a 2005 Crimson Tide signee from Hoover High School. Reamer gives in-depth answers to your questions.

Cory Reamer Profile:

UThater: If I understand right, you guys use to go to school early and work out in the mornings before class. Do you think this will help in adjusting to the SC program at UA? I read where you're up to 202 lbs. Is this going to have any affect on your speed?

"I think the early morning work-outs will be a big advantage to me getting into the work-out program at UA. To get out of bed that early was not easy, but that is what won us our 3 rings. After four years of doing that, I don't think it will be too difficult to get into their program. My weight will not have a factor on my speed. If it does, it will only increase my speed. The weight I am gaining is muscle, not just additional weight. I am running track at this weight. I am used to running with the extra muscle."

Bamapreacher: You were recruited as a safety, but there has been talk of you growing into a LB. Do you want to stay at safety, or would you be willing to have a go at LB?

"Safety is my position right now. That is where I was recruited, and that is where I would like to play. Depending on the circumstance, I could move down to LB, and that would be fine with me. I got good experience in the box this year at Hoover. Either position will work, but I would like to start out at safety."

DTNJ: Do you believe you have the speed and quickness necessary to play safety, and cover SEC caliber receivers? What's your Ht., Wt., now? Where would you like your Wt. to be in August?

"I know there are plenty of wide receivers that can out-run me, but I know my speed. I know how I have to play to cover the faster WR. I don't play like I can out-run everyone on the field. I play smart enough to know when there is a fast WR that I am in a position to always stay on top of him. I have good hips and quick feet. On shorter routes, I can plant, and go with them. Right now, my height is right at 6-4, without shoes. My weight is about 200-202. I plan to be around 210-215 around August."

jtcrimson: Do you know if you're reporting this fall or next winter? What other schools offered you a scholly? Who is your favorite NFL team? 

"I am reporting in August. There isn't any talk about greyshirt at all, and they say they will not redshirt me. I was offered by Ole Miss, Georgia Tech, Vandy, Southern Miss, Louisville, NC State, Auburn and Memphis. My favorite NFL team is the Steelers, but my favorite player is John Lynch."

Sarge4tide: Off the wall question. Todd Watson was hired as Head Coach of my old high school, Foley. What are your opinions of how he will do there?

"Coach Watson was the smartest coach I have ever been around. He knows how to coach players to be the best defensive unit possible. And his ability to adjust on the run is amazing. As far as offense goes, we shut ours down everyday in practice. He has a pretty good idea of how to run one. If Foley will give him the support he deserves, you won't be disappointed in the results."

bamalawdawg: We all saw where you had 2 blocked punts in the state championship game--do you think Special Teams is a place you can make an immediate impact? Do you like playing on Special Teams?

"Special Teams is always fun to play because it is where a lot of big plays are made that can change the outcome of the game. I would love to get a chance to be on Special Teams, and help the team any way I can."

BamaTech: What former Bama player in the secondary reminds you of your game?

"I haven't had too many people compare me to any former Alabama players. I have heard a lot of people compare me to Rob Pate from Auburn."

YogiB: Have you decided what area of study you will pursue, and perhaps your major?

"I will major in Biology or Chemistry. I hope to be an Orthopedic Surgeon one day. It has always been my dream."

luckybilly: Did you start playing with the Hoover Raiders in the Youth leagues? If so, did it prepare you well for Middle School and Senior HS football? Also, is Brian Morgan a D-1 prospect?

"I started football with the Raiders in the third grade. It really prepared me for middle school football, and high school football. It was a great start, and a fun experience. It definitely put me ahead of players that did not play. We never had a losing season. The only thing we knew was how to win. It taught me the basics of football, and gave me an edge. Most definitely [Brian Morgan]. He is a major D-1 prospect, and will likely be able to choose from any SEC school he wants."

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