Cole Harvey: Fan Q&A

Cole Harvey, from Lincoln High School in Tallahassee, is a signee of the Class of 2005. The subscribers asked questions to Cole Harvey, and he responded with in-depth answers.

CrimsonSteele: Cole welcome to the Crimson Tide family! Do you plan to enroll in school this fall, or will you take some time to bulk up and enroll in December? Will you being playing Guard or Center? Welcome aboard and Roll Tide Roll!

"Still not sure when I'm enrolling yet, got to talk it over with the folks. Either way, yeah I'll be bulking up. I think probably I'll play center, but whatever puts me on that field first. Thanks for the welcome."

borear1: Congratulations on coming to Bama. Is there a particular linemen you have been compared to or one you try to emulate on the field?

"When I came up on my official visit, we went to a Bama basketball game. I was standing in line with Coach Ball and another Bama player. He said to the other player, "I'm glad he's on our side cause he's as mean as Justin Smiley". I don't want to compare myself to him, I just want to model my game after his."

tidegrad97: Cole, can't wait to see you wearing the crimson. My question is, you made an early commitment to the Tide. How were you able to know that Alabama was the place for you so soon? Also, being from Tallahassee did you have any hopes or dreams of playing at FSU?

"I came up in the summer. I met all the coaches, saw the campus, saw the facilities and loved everything about it. I don't really know. I guess it felt like home. My old man played for FSU for a little while, but then transferred to North Alabama. I guess after that, he was never a big FSU fan, like father like son."

TideMan81: Since Coach Shula has been our Head Coach, we've tapped into the talent rich state of Florida (and have done very well). Why do you think Florida recruits have become so interested in the Tide? What do other recruits from Florida say about the Tide? Do you see this trend continuing as long as Coach Shula is our Head Coach?

"First off, I think we've done well in Florida because Coach Shula and Coach Connelly and the other coaches who recruit Florida are just good at what they do. They know Florida is loaded with talent, from north to south. I think in general, kids just like the direction that Alabama is headed. What do other recruits say? Well, if they've been to a game, they say Bama has great fans. If they've seen the campus, they say they like the layout. If they've seen the facilities, and met the coaches, they say first class."

DTNJ: Hey Cole, Glad you're coming to Bama. What's your current Ht. and Wt. At what wt. do you believe you'll play? Do you prefer to play center or guard?

"Thanks Dom, appreciate the welcome. Right now, I'm 6-3, 260 and gaining. I think I'll probably play center, but I'm not sure. Never played center, but whatever will get me on that field as quick as possible."

jtcrimson: Cole, what were the factors in your early commit to BAMA? Also, are there any other Lincoln players that might be looking at BAMA next year?

"I came up in the summer. I met the coaches, saw the campus and the facilities, talked to our student advisor. It really felt like home. It was just a feeling that I got. Hopefully, we've got some good ones that are coming out. I know they have been in contact with RB/FB Seddrick Hollaway, LB Craig Stevens, OL Marcus Gilmore. I try to talk it up to them."

clay3482: What do you like to go by?

"Just Cole."

What is your favorite celeb hottie?

"Probably have to say, Shania Twain."

What is your favorite food?

"I love seafood, and biscuits w/gravy. Not together though."

What will be your major?

"Right now, I think Communication major, also into construction and agriculture."

Have you figured out who you are going to room with yet?

"Scott Deaton and I are pretty good friends, but will see."

luckybilly: Now that you will grayshirt, will you enroll at UA in August to take a few courses or will you remain at home? If you remain at home, what are your plans until Jan '06?

"Not sure yet. Still got some talking to do with the folks. If I do stay at home, I'll work part time, bulk up, and work on my speed. I will enjoy hunting season until it's my time."

bamalawdawg: How difficult was it to accept an offer of deferred enrollment when so many other high school seniors will be on their respective teams in August?

That being said, we all appreciate how accommodating talented players like yourself are being in helping make Alabama a national title contender once again.

"When they first told me they wanted me to grayshirt, I didn't like it at all. I want to get out there and play, not sit around. I thought about it some more, and I came to like the offer. I figured I can only get bigger, faster and better. I had other offers, where I didn't have to grayshirt, but I didn't want to go anywhere else. I have a lot of friends who could see some playing time next year. I get a little jealous because I love to play so much, but I'll just have to wait my turn, and make the best out of it."

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