Roy Upchurch: Fan Q&A subscribers asked questions to Roy Upchurch, 2005 signee from Godby High School in Tallahassee, Florida. Roy Upchurch responded.

TideMan81: If you had to choose, what one area of your game do you need to work on the most?

"Concentrate on ball security."

Who would you compare your running style to? Who's your all-time favorite RB?

"Edgerrin James or Emmitt Smith."

BamaToTheBone: Your college choices came down to Alabama and Florida State. It will be very important in the coming years for Alabama to recruit well in its own back yard, as well as cherry pick from areas that traditionally are hotbeds for other schools, such as Florida State. With that in mind, what would you say the largest reasons you chose Alabama over the Seminoles, and what ways do you think Coach Shula and the staff could have done better in recruiting you out of Florida State's back yard?

"I think I chose Bama because of the trust the coaching staff and I developed through the recruiting process; They did a great job telling me where I fit in."

Sarge4Tide: Roy, Do you know what subject you are going to major in at Bama yet? Do you have any long term plans for what you'd like to do for a career someday after football?

"I am probably going to study criminology because the Vet thing is a long process at Bama (They don't have a vet school). I want to start my own farm and build a place for animals."

jtcrimson: Roy, great to have you here at BAMA. How's your academic progress going? What do you still need to qualify? Be ready

"I am on track as planned, just need to get that test score up. I‚m ready..but are they ready for me."

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