Nick Kyles: Fan Q&A subscribers asked questions to Nick Kyles, a 2005 Alabama signee. Kyles, from Baldwin High School, Milledgeville, Georgia, responded to your questions.

BamaTech: Thanks for choosing the Tide and Welcome! How was it growing up with an athletic twin? Did you guys dominate all the rec and middle school games?

Nick Kyles: "It was great growing up with a twin. I played wide receiver, and he played DB. I have an older brother that played quarterback, and we have always played those positions. That is how I was able to become really good. It made me a lot better player."

luckybilly: Nick, Welcome to Tide Country! Who was the best junior to be football player you played against in 2004? Also, does your HS team have any D-1 prospects for 2006? If so, who are they?

"There are not too many juniors that I remember playing against. The best junior I have played with has to be Maurice Hurt. Along with Maurice, I have a cousin that plays defensive back that will sign D-1. His name is Carson Hill. Carson's brother played at Clemson."

rrrrr: Are you going to try and convince your former teammate (I think he's an OL?) to come to Bama? Also, welcome to the Tide, and I look forward to seeing you play. Roll Tide.

"Yeah, most definitely. I had never been to the Alabama campus before, and the moment I stepped foot on it, I loved it. I am really going to try and get Carson (Hill) and Maurice (Hurt) to come to Alabama."

LeahW: Hey Nick! Again, Roll Tide! My name is Leah, and I met you when Baldwin played Chapel Hill in the first round of the state tournament! There were many Alabama fans at the game to watch you does that make you feel??? A lot of them have seen the pictures I took of you, and they want a copy. Is that OK? Thank you for choosing Alabama! Roll Tide! Leah Wilson

"I remember you. That really made me feel great. I am playing in Georgia, and it was really good to see Alabama fans there cheering for me. That made me know, I am going to a great place. I don't mind about the pictures."

YogiB: Glad you chose the Tide. Look forward to seeing you play. Will you be enrolling this summer or fall? I assume you will play WR. Do you know whether you will be at Split End or Flanker? Thanks, and best of luck with your career both athletically and academically.

"I am coming in the summer. I will probably take classes, and I will be working out with the team. Coach Harbison asked me which position I would like to play. I played flanker and wing back in high school. I don't care where I play. It's hard to say."

Sarge4tide: Welcome to Bama! On a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, please rate yourself on these 4 things: 1-Hands, 2-Run After the Catch, 3-Blocking, 4-Route Running

Hands- "Definitely a 10."; Run after Catch- "I would give myself a 9."; Blocking- "I would say a 6. I have to work on my blocking."; Route Running- "I would give myself a 9."

TideMan81: What type WR can we expect you to be, a deep ball threat or a possession type receiver? Is there any WR you pattern your game after? How tough a decision was it not to sign with your brother at Miss. St.?

"I expect to do everything. I am not one dimensional. I can catch the long ball. I can take a short pass and turn it into a long run. I would say I model myself after Braylon Edwards."

"It was tough. I took a visit to Alabama, then I took a visit to Mississippi State. I did what was best for me. It's not far away from Tuscaloosa. I was able to go to the school that I wanted to go to."

jtcrimson: Nick, Welcome to the Tide. What's your current size and speed? What number will you wear next year? Does the coaching staff feel you will be in the playing rotation this year?

"I am currently 6-2 and a half, 185. I run a 4.5 flat. I don't know what number I am wearing yet. I was No. 1 in high school. They have told me I will be playing, but it's up to me on what I do when I get there."

dlga13: Welcome to the family Nick. Do you have a nickname?

"At school, people call me different things, but mostly it's just Nick. I don't have a definite nickname."

bamalawdawg: How tough was it to turn down an offer from MSU to play with your brother? In a couple of years, will he be shutting you down once a year, or will you be lighting him up annually for several TDs?

"I will be scoring a lot of TDs on him in the future."

RailroadMan: Nick, Congrats on choosing the Crimson Tide! How early do you hope to break the rotation?

"As soon as I get there. I don't want to wait two or three years before I play."

AndrewBone: Thanks to the subscribers for great questions to Nick Kyles. Kyles did a great job answering all of your questions. He looks forward to playing for the Crimson Tide.

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