Jimmy Barnes: Fan Q&A

2005 Alabama quarterback signee Jimmy Barnes answered questions from BamaMag.com subscribers.

and12: What is the most important goal you anticipate accomplishing during your career at Alabama?

"The most important goal is to get my degree, and to win a national championship."

cmj33: Welcome to The Tide Mr. Barnes. Good Luck. Are you looking forward to battling for the QB spot with the other incoming freshman? What one moment really captured your attention about Alabama Football, and made your decision seem to be the right decision?

"Of course I'm looking forward to battling with the other freshmen. I love competition, and I thrive under pressure. The moment that caught my attention was when I went to the Stadium, and then the Bear Bryant Museum, and saw all the National Championship trophies. I was thinking 'I've got to come here to win four of these'."

billclemen: All of the Alabama fans in California are delighted that you will be enrolling at Alabama and joining a long line of stellar Quarterbacks that include Harry Gilmer, Bart Starr, Joe Namath, Kenny Stabler, etc. What helped to set the Alabama program apart from others that you might have considered? Do you know what academic course you might investigate first?

"I wanted a school where I could fit in the system, and where the best coaches in America were. Alabama had both. I will major in secondary education, and become a high school teacher and coach like my dad and brother."

jh4bama: What do you hope to work and improve on before you report to BAMA ? I think you did a good job holding your own in the all star game. Can you comment on your experience in that game ?

"Well, right now I am working hardest on speed because speed kills and getting stronger and keeping my arm in shape. The US Army Game was unreal. It was an honor getting to play in it, and getting to play with the best players in America. Every guy in that game will be a big time college player by the time they are done."

kent4bama: Jimmy, can you put into words how exciting it'll be to throw to guys like Tyrone Prothro, DJ Hall, Keith Brown, Matt Caddell, and Zeke Knight? Also, have you stayed in contact with any of the other signees since your visits?

"I committed to Alabama because they have the best receiving corps in the nation. It will be fun getting to play with all these gifted athletes at the receiver spot. I have stayed in contact with 3 of the commitments."

DTNJ: Hey Jim and ROLL TIDE. Do you plan on competing for playing time immediately or are there plans to redshirt? How accurate have you been on deep passes say of over 35 yards?? Lastly, how comfortable are you with Alabama's type of offense?

"I am going in right away and competing, I will let the coaches decide if they want me to redshirt or not. My best balls are over 35 yards, and I have arm strength to throw them. I am very comfortable with Alabama's offense, that is why I chose Alabama."

BamaTech: How much time have you actually spent in Alabama since being a teen? Did you get some warnings about "culture shock" coming from west coast recruiting?

"I have only been to Alabama two times. Both times, I felt so comfortable with all the coaches and players. It just seemed so right. I have been warned a little about the 'culture shock' but, I like Bama more than California, and I love to hunt and fish.

Bama787992: What is your current height, weight, and 40 time? What would you like your 40 yard time to be at?

"I currently stand at a legit 6-5, and weigh 226. My 40 time is 5.0 flat. I would like it to be 4.8."

bamalawdawg: Jimmy, while you certainly have not been billed as a "dual-threat QB" (neither were Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, or Peyton Manning) what is your philosophy on running the football from the QB position? Are you mainly buying time to throw to receiver or throw away, or are you known to take off running from time to time anyway? Also, what is your favorite route to throw in games?

"My philosophy on running the football is, I do it when I have to. But, I am looking to throw first. I use my feet well in the pocket to get time to look for the open receiver. My favorite route to throw is the post corner."

TideMan81: It's a looong way from Cali to Bama, talk about cultural difference, how did you like the southern lifestyle when you visited (southern gals are the best to). How does it feel, to know you'll be walking the same sideline, as some of the best QB's to ever play the game (Namath, Stabler, for example) has walked?

"I fell in love with the South and all the people from Alabama. It is way different from California, but it is a good different. It will be a dream come true getting to run the same sidelines as all the legends. I just cant wait to get to Bama, and be surrounded by all the tradition." Bamapreacher: What special preparation do you feel that you bring to the college game in that your dad was your high school coach? I noticed that you took the majority of your snaps in the Army All American bowl from the shotgun position. Do you feel equally comfortable under center or is the shotgun your dream formation?

"I don't really think I have any advantage besides the basics, like reading defenses and what to do in different situations because in college, everyone is better than the next guy, and everyone is fighting for a spot on the starting roster. I feel comfortable either way. In high school, we were more under center than shotgun."

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