Davidson's Role Up to Him

Trent Davidson had two requests for Alabama coaches before he ultimately decided to join the Crimson Tide squad. He wanted to be a tight end - not an offensive lineman - and he wanted to wear number 80.

He got the number he wanted because it was available and no older player wanted it, and he got his beginning at tight end because he picked up the position quickly and was needed to shore up the depth-lacking position.

Trent Davidson is planning on staying at tight end, too. He was up to 275 pounds at points during the season but is now noticeably leaner, around 260 pounds after working out and developing a better diet in the off-season.

"I feel a lot quicker and a lot lighter on my feet," Davidson said. "Weighing less will help me have better footwork and in route running."

Davidson won't be asked to stretch the field like Nick Walker, who redshirted a year ago, but he will have the opportunity to be an offensive weapon.

Offensive coordinator Dave Rader said that Davidson's role is, "up to Trent. We are giving him every bit of opportunities to make blocks and make catches. I truly believe his ability will allow him to help us. He needs to be more consistent and this team needs him to do that."

Rader said Davidson needs more consistency mostly in pass-catching.

Davidson has the hands and the ability. He often makes catches on balls that look impossible, but too often drops ones that are on the money.

"Really, the catches that are hard I don't seem to have as much of a problem with as the ones that I should catch. I think it's a mental thing. I'm trying to build more confidence and not think about it too much."

Walker and Davidson will continue to compete for playing time, but it's assured that both will see the field plenty in 2005. The role each plays on the field is up to him, however.

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