Top 4 for Florida Receiver

Tim Tebow, from Nease High School, is one of the top quarterbacks in the country for the Class of 2006, and he has a top target to get the the ball to. <b>Ryan Ellis</b> was Tebow's top receiver last year racking up 1,392 yards and 17 touchdowns on 73 catches, and he looks to be the man again this year.

"I wouldn't be anything without Tim (Tebow). It's a good thing, and a bad thing being his top target. Every school knows we are going to throw the ball. They are going to be double teaming me a lot, but that will leave someone open. We sometimes will go five wide, and nobody will be able to cover all of us," said Ryan Ellis.

Several schools have expressed interest in the star receiver, but one school is pushing a little harder.

"I am receiving interest from Alabama, Florida, Auburn, Texas Tech, South Carolina, Oklahoma, LSU, Ohio State, North Carolina, Kansas State, Purdue, Tennessee, and LSU. Alabama has been the biggest in sending me letters. They have been non-stop. I probably have about 35-40 letters from them."

The list can easily change, but four schools have made the early favorites list.

"I would say my top schools are Alabama, Auburn, Florida, and Texas Tech. I don't have an overall favorite. They are all even right now."

Alabama: "The facilities are amazing. They just upgraded the weight room and locker rooms. The coaching staff is the nicest I have ever been around."

Auburn: "Auburn is a good school. I attended camps there last summer. I was pleased with the way Coach Tuberville was out there at every practice talking to everyone. Their weight room is also phenomenal."

Florida: "They have been sending me some stuff recently. I have heard that Coach Meyer is going to be going five wide, and that is great for wide receivers."

Texas Tech: "I watched them play against Cal in the bowl game. The reason they won the game is because they could pass against them. They had the number one passing offense in the country."

When asked about strengths, Ellis replied, "I have great concentration. We stress five, then decide. We have to keep our heads cool, and then decide where we are going to go after we catch the ball. I love cracking on people. I am not afraid to come up and lay out anyone."

Football is a great way to reach the next level, but Ellis is looking beyond the gridiron. "Academics is the main thing," he said. "The coaching staff and the players will also have a big part. Coach Shula made a strong impression with me. He said academics will always come first for his players. I am going to see how the players on the team act on and off the field."

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