Short Work Sets Up Scrimmage

Marc Guillon capped Friday afternoon's short practice by leading the second-team offense against the first-team defense to a touchdown in the two-minute drill. The unit's first two-minute touchdown of the spring sent the offense into an uproar as the squad closed the shorts and shoulder workout.

The drive continued a good week of practice for both Guillon and John Parker Wilson.

"When we went over the film of (Thursday's) practice the quarterbacks had a really good day," Alabama Head Coach Mike Shula said. "We had 52 team plays and 38 scrimmage plays with full tackling and got some good work. Marc Guillon has had a good week, and the offensive line has looked better."

Friday's practice was shortened to prepare the players for Bama's second all-out scrimmage Saturday morning at Bryant Denny Stadium.

"This week is the time we'd like to come together and play with more consistency. The defense has been consistent throughout, but we'd like to see the first offense come together more," Shula said.

Alabama Head Coach Mike Shula said that "a lot" of positions would be up for grabs tomorrow, and he specifically mentioned the right guard spot as a position to watch.

Mark Sanders will work with the first unit and Justin Moon will spend the day with the second team offense. Freshman B.J. Stabler, who had arthroscopic knee surgery before the spring, was in the orange "injured" jersey on Friday and Shula said he would not participate in Saturday's scrimmage.

Shula said, "A true freshman could be in the mix on the offensive line in the fall, I don't know which one."

Shula also said that the left tackle position, where Chris Capps and Cody Davis are competing, also needs improvement.

"Chris Capps needs to improve. I want to say that in a positive way," he said. "Cody Davis has pushed (Capps) to an extent, but we want to see him push more."

Saturday's scrimmage will be a preview to the format of the A-Day game on March 19. In Bama's first scrimmage the ball was placed as a designated spot to begin each drive.

Conversely, for the A-Day game and Saturday morning's scrimmage when the offense is stopped on third down the ball will be moved 35 yards from the end of the drive to simulate a punt.

Other players who are not expected participate in Saturday's scrimmage due to injury are Theo Townsend (hip flexor), Nick Walker (knee bruise), Jamie Christianson (groin) Freddie Roach (groin).

Roach suffered the groin injury in Friday's practice.

Antoine Caldwell missed most of last Saturday's scrimmage after rolling his ankle but he anticipated not being limited by the injury in the coming scrimmage.

"I was playing on it today and I think I am about 95 per cent. It feels good," Caldwell said.

Previewing the defensive side of the ball for Saturday's scrimmage Shula said, "A lot of guys are competing for playing time and one guy – at least one guy is competing for a starting spot and that's Simeon. He's had a good week of practice."

Shula said Saturday's scrimmage was scheduled to be nearly the same length as the first which was scheduled for around 80 plays and went 91 plays, but he said he would be flexible and sure to even out the plays between the first and second team.

The scrimmage is set to begin at approximately 10:30 a.m.

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