Pro Day at UA

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Scouts from the Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins, Houston Texans, New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, Kansas City Chiefs, Tennessee Titans and Carolina Panthers were seen on hand in Tuscaloosa Wednesday.

Players participating in Alabama's pro day included: Todd Bates, Wes Britt, Evan Mathis, Ray Hudson, Danny Martz, Anthony Bryant, Cornelius Wortham, Brian Bostick, Chris James, Carlos Andrews, David Cavan, Tarry Givens and Mike McLaughlin.

Pro day is a time when seniors who might not be at the top of an NFL squad's draft board can show their stuff. The scouts measured and weighed the athletes before testing each one in the vertical and broad jumps, bench press, 40-yard dash and shuttle runs as well as position specific drills.

Britt measured just under 6-8 and weighed 314 pounds. He did 25 reps in the bench press, but did not participate in any of the other tests because he is still recovering from a hairline fracture in his leg suffered in Senior Bowl practice.

Hudson and Cavan also sat out the workouts due to injuries. These players will have a chance to impress the scouts again on April 6. Hudson measured 5-9 and a half, 197 pounds while Cavan was 6-5, 255 pounds.

Anthony Bryant (above) looked in good shape at 6-3, 332-pounds. Bryant strained a groin muscle in one of the drills late in the day.

Wesley Britt looked on at the other participants while talking to coaches Paul Randolph and Bob Connelly (above). Britt has recently launched his own new website, for fans to follow him.

Mathis' only workout was in the position-specific drills. Because of an excellent showing at the NFL combine he decided to let those numbers stand. Mathis bench-pressed 225 pounds 35 times at the combine, the second most of any offensive linemen.

"All of my numbers at combine were first or second for offensive linemen so I didn't want to be stupid and hurt myself," he said.

Like any player, Mathis wants to go high in the draft. But he said, "Right now it's to early to tell anything. I could say something and then the next day it would change."

Mathis measured just over 6-5 and weighed 312 pounds.

Danny Martz is one of those who was not invited to the combine, but was able to work out for the scouts Wednesday. Martz measured just under 6-4 and weighed 295 pounds.

"I did everything they asked me because they didn't have anything on me," Martz said. "I think I did well, of course I don't know anything officially."

The players did not find out their times in the 40-yard dash, and Martz said he had 23 repitions on the bench press, but some could have been subtracted for being technically incorrect.

"I want to have a 40-time somewhere under 5.3 (seconds)," Martz said. I have always been better at the short distance cone drills."

Martz said he felt like his workout in the position drills was good, but "you never know what they're thinking, really. You have 20 guys watching you and only one guy is talking."

Martz will work out in the position drills on April 6 because more and/or different scouts will be on hand to watch Britt run. Martz has an uphill climb for his name to be called in April's draft.

Martz said, "I've heard I'm probably going to have to go through free agency because I was a late bloomer. But if I do well here and in the other workout I could get into the late rounds."

Martz and Mathis worked out with a scout on offensive line drills.

Wortham (above) prepares to run the 40.

Wortham's main focus of pro day was to improve his 40-yard time, which was clocked at 4.71 and 4.69 at the NFL combine. Unofficially, he was clocked at 4.69 and 4.65 Wednesday.

Wortham felt his time was better Wednesday, but at a cost.

"I pulled my hamstring when I ran my second 40," he said.

The severity of the injury was not known immediately, and Wortham was not able to do the position drills for the scouts. He plans to do those drills on April 6 when scouts return.

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