Springs Stats Tell a Story

Gauging a player or group of players on the basis of one spring game can be dangerous because it is very easy for coaches to stack the deck in favor of one group or another by limiting what schemes can be used or by matching up different offensive and defensive units.

The defensive package used in Alabama's A-Day game last Saturday was simplified and contained virtually no blitzing, but despite that fact, one of the positives of Alabama's A-Day game is that it was relatively representative of the Tide's other two scrimmages of the spring, when the defense was free to blitz.

In all three of the spring scrimmages Alabama's first team offense went against the first team defense. And while gauging players on the basis of one performance can be dangerous, looking at combined performance in the three scrimmages gives a slightly better view.

The quarterbacks posted very similar numbers over the course of the spring. Marc Guillon completed 52.5 percent of his passes, 32-for-61 for total of 416 yards. He threw two touchdown passes and three interceptions.

John Parker Wilson had a 52.6 completion percentage, completing 41-of-78 passes for 466 yards. Wilson had five touchdown passes and six interceptions.

Looking at the combined receiving statistics gives an impression about why the Tide coaches have been so impressed with Zeke Knight. Knight had 12 catches for 145 yards and four touchdowns in the three scrimmages. For comparison, Knight had 10 catches in all of 2004.

Though he was shut out at A-Day, junior Tyrone Prothro was the second-leading receiver in the spring with 8 receptions for 143 yards and two touchdowns.

Matt Caddell had five catches for 103 yards in the spring, four of which came in the first scrimmage. Nick Walker had four receptions for 78 yards even though he was hurt early in the first scrimmage after his first catch. Walker did not play in the second scrimmage and had three receptions at A-Day.

Three other players had four receptions during spring. They were Matt Miller (for 60 yards), Keith Brown (49 yards) and Rashad Johnson (28 yards)

Marcus McKnight had three catches for 51 yards in the spring, all at A-Day.

Though Head Coach Mike Shula described the true sophomore to be as a leader in winter conditioning, returning starter DJ Hall had a very quiet spring with only two catches for 36 yards. He had one catch in each of the first two scrimmages.

The leading rusher in the combined spring scrimmages was walk-on Rashad Johnson. Johnson, Theo Townsend and Aaron Johns mixed in with the first- and second-string offensive units. Johnson had 23 rush attempts for 100 yards (4.35 yards per carry).

Johns had 24 attempts for 82 yards (3.41 ypc) in two scrimmages. He did not have a rush attempt at A-Day after twisting his ankle on a pass reception early in the scrimmage.

Townsend finished the spring with 70 yards on 18 carries in three scrimmages (3.88 ypc) and Trevino Pope had 45 yards on 18 attempts (2.5 ypc). Le'Ron McClain had 7 rush attempts for 12 yards (1.7 ypc).

Combined Scrimmage Stats

Passing Leaders (comp-att-yds): Marc Guillon (32-61-416, 2 TD, 3 INT); John Parker Wilson .526 PCT (41-78-466, 5 TD, 6 INT)

Rushing Leaders (Att-Yds): Rashad Johnson (23-100, TD); Aaron Johns (24-82); Theo Townsend (18-70); Trevino Pope (18-45); Le'Ron McClain (7-12)

Receiving Leaders (rec-yds): Zeke Knight (12-145, 4 TD); Tyrone Prothro (8-143, 2 TD); Matt Caddell (5-103, TD); Nick Walker (4-78, TD); Matt Miller (4-60); Keith Brown (4-49); Rashad Johnson (4-28); Marcus McKnight (3-51); DJ Hall (2-36)


Passing (Att-Comp-Yds): Marc Guillon (12-21-186, 2TD, INT); John Parker Wilson (13-23-138, 2 INT, 2 TD); Adam Thrash (1-1-34)

Rushing (Att-Yds): Rashad Johnson (5-41, TD); Aaron Johns (11-29); Le'Ron McClain (4-6); Theo Townsend (4-6); Brandon Brooks (1-minus 5);Guillon (3-minus 8); Adam Thrash (4-minus 10); John Parker Wilson (8-minus 28); Team (1-minus 35)

Receiving (Rec-Yds): Matt Caddell (4-88, TD); Tyrone Prothro (4-57, TD); Zeke Knight (3-41, 2 TD); Aaron Johns (3-21); Brandon Brooks (2-22); Kyle Bennett (2-14); Patrick Gordon (1-34); DJ Hall (1-27); Barrett Earnest (1-24); Nick Walker (1-19); Le'Ron McClain (1-6); Rashad Johnson (1-4); Will Denniston (1-4); Theo Townsend (1-minus 3)

Defensive Leaders: Rudy Griffin (5 tackles, 2 sacks, TFL); Wallace Gilberry (4 tackles, sack, INT, PBU); Chris Harris (4 tackles, sack, INT, PBU); Marcel Stamps (5 tackles, fumble recovery); Matt Collins (5 tackles, fumble recovery); Keith Saunder (3 tackles, sack, fumble recovery); Juke King (4 tackles, fumble caused); Ramzee Robinson (3 tackles, TFL, PBU)


Passing (Comp-Att-yds): John Parker Wilson (14-26-160, 2 TD, 2 INT); Marc Guillon (7-14-73); Adam Thrash (1-2-49); Total: 22-42-284, 2 TD, 2 INT

Rushing (Att - yds): Theo Townsend (9-58, TD); Aaron Johns (13-53); Rashad Johnson (6-11); Trevino Pope (10-15); Adam Thrash (2-minus 12); John Parker Wilson (6-minus13); Marc Guillon (3-minus 17); Total: 49-95, TD

Receiving (Rec-Yds): Zeke Knight (5-49, TD); Tyrone Prothro (4-86, TD); Keith Brown (3-25); Matt Miller (2-28); Patrick Gordon (1-49); Greg McLain (1-13); DJ Hall (1-9); Trent Davidson (1-8); Kyle Bennett (1-7); Mookie Chaney (1-6) Theo Townsend (1-5); Le'Ron McClain (1-1)

Defensive Leaders: Keith Saunders (9 tackles, 2 sacks); Juwan Garth (7 tackles, 2 TFL, QBH); Terrence Jones (5 tackles, 2 TFL, sack); Charlie Peprah (5 tackles); Matt Collins (5 tackles); Mark Anderson (4 tackles, 3 TFL, 2 sacks, INT); Roman Harper (4 tackles, TFL); Rudy Griffin (2 tackles, sack); Ramzee Robinson (tackle, sack, INT)

A-DAY STATS: March 19

Passing (comp-att-yds): John Parker Wilson (14-31-168, TD, 2 INT); Marc Guillon (13-26-157, TD, INT); Adam Thrash (1-3-9); Total (28-60-234, 2 TD, 3 INT)

Rushing (att-yds): Rashad Johnson (12-48, TD); Trevino Pope (8-30); Theo Townsend (5-6); Le'Ron McClain (3-6); Mookie Chaney (2-22); Keith Brown (1-20); Will Denniston (1-7); Kyle Bennett (1-1, TD); John Parker Wilson (4-minus 18); Marc Guillon (1-minus 2); Adam Thrash (1-minus 6); Total (39-114, 2 TD)

Receiving (rec-yds): Zeke Knight (4-55, TD); Rashad Johnson (4-28); Marcus McKnight (3-51); Nick Walker (3-59, TD); Matt Miller (2-32); Mookie Chaney (2-21); Will Denniston (2-13); Kyle Bennett (2-10); Keith Brown (1-24); Matt Caddell (1-15); Brandon Brooks (1-10); Tanner Wickham (1-9); Aaron Johns (1-8); Trevino Pope (1-minus 1); Total (28-234, 2 TD)

Defensive Leaders: Ramzee Robinson (3 tackles, INT); Simeon Castille (5 tackles, TFL); Travis Robinson (3 tackles, INT, 2 PBU); Kenneth Vandervoort (4 tackles); Roman Harper (3 tackles); Jeffrey Dukes (3 tackles, 2 PBU); Mark Anderson (5 tackles, sack); Keith Saunders (3 tackles, 2 sacks), Rudy Griffin (2 tackles, sack); J.P. Adams (2 tackles, 2 TFL)

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