Baron Huber Q&A

Baron Huber, a 2005 Crimson Tide signee, answered the questions of BamaMag subscribers.

Sarge4tide: What position to you see yourself playing at Bama next year?

Baron Huber: I definitely see myself playing middle linebacker.

Fightingamish: When will you report to campus?

BH: I will be on campus July 5.

What are your legitimate strength, size and speed numbers?

BH: My bench is 345, my squat is 450, and my power clean 275. I am 6-4, 232 lbs. My forty time is a 4.8.

Do you prefer any one position over the other?

BH: I really like playing middle linebacker the most.

Railroadman: How were you treated by the folks in your area after committing to Bama, and are you ready to work you tail off to help this team win their 13th National Championship?

BH: It was kind of rough. Everyone has said they will cheer for me, but not for Alabama. On signing day, they had a Tennessee tablecloth that I had to sign my letter of intent on. They were rubbing it in, but they are supportive. The reason I came to Alabama was to help them win a National Championship.

Tidelbeatu: What were your senior season numbers on defense, tackles, ints. fumbles, e.t.c....and what is your first practice weight target?

BH: I had 155 tackles, two interceptions, six forced fumbles, three fumble recoveries, and four sacks. As long as I am able to run, then it doesn't bother me what my weight will be. I would like to stay under 235 lbs.

DTNJ: What are your chances of playing LB and which LB position would you favor?

BH: The coaches have said I will be playing middle linebacker, and that is the position I want to play.

Tide16: I got to see you play this year in the playoffs against Cleveland, and was totally impressed. Would you ever consider playing tight end or even fullback at Bama or are you solid at defense? Also, do you know what number you will wear for the Tide?

BH: I will play anywhere the coaches want me. I really like playing fullback. Wherever the coaches want to put me, I will play. I am not sure what number I will wear yet. I would like to wear a single digit though.

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