Ali Sharrief: Q&A

Ali Sharrief, a 2005 Alabama commit, answered questions from the subscribers.

Fightingamish: What is your true size, weight, and speed numbers?

Ali Sharrief: I am really 5-9, 208.

fightingamish: What are your current strength numbers?

Ali Sharrief: Bench-280, Squat-580, Clean-300, Leg Squat- Over 1000

fightingamish:What have the coaches told you about your position at Bama?

Ali Sharrief: Just running back. They may put me out at wide receiver some times.

fightingamish: Why did you choose UA over AU?

Ali Sharrief: I felt like Alabama was the better place for me. Then, I started hearing that Auburn was talking about me not being any good.

Bamapreacher: I know you were a standout on both sides of the ball, but what is your favorite position and why? Also, have you had much experience at punt and kick-off return?

Ali Sharrief: I would have to say running back. I really like to block. I love to blind side people. When a linebacker runs up, I like to knock him on his back. I have had experience at kick-off return and punt return. I don't want to mess with punt return in college, but I am down for kick-off return.

kent4bama: X-Box or PS2? Also, what's your favorite game?

Ali Sharrief: Definitely Playstation. I play NCAA, Madden, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

TideMan81: What was the main factor in your decision to switch commitments? Who would you compare your running style to?

Ali Sharrief: It was just the best place for me. I don‚t really know. I would mix it with Earl Campbell, Jerome Bettis, and Barry Sanders.

BamaTech: Ali, can you name three running backs from Tide history that made an impression on you growing up?

Ali Sharrief: I really don't even know three Alabama running backs. I never really watched football. The only team I ever watched growing up was Florida.

RollTide85: Between now and the beginning of camp, what do you want to improve the most?

Ali Sharrief: I want to get my upper body a lot stronger, and work on my abs.

majkzum: Congratulations on winning the 55M at the state track meet. Have you had much experience in high school at receiving out of the backfield, and do you consider that one of your strengths?

Ali Sharrief: I have had a little bit of experience. I just have to say that I will do anything to help the team.

YogiB: Do you prefer to run inside or outside?

Ali Sharrief: Definitely inside. I love to get hit.

YogiB: Do you expect to enroll in summer school and work-out with the team, or join in the fall?

Ali Sharrief: I will be in Tuscaloosa this summer.

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