Zach Schreiber Q&A

Zach Schreiber, a 2005 signee for the University of Alabama, answered questions by subscribers.

luckybilly: Your Dad played at Texas. Did the Longhorns recruit you?

Zach Schreiber: Yeah, they came to my spring game. I talked to them, but I think they were looking in a different direction.

luckybilly: When do you expect to arrive in Tuscaloosa for summer workouts?

Zach Schreiber: I will be in Tuscaloosa the second summer session. I think it's around July 10.

YogiB: What position are you expecting to play when you come in to camp?

Zach Schreiber: I expect to come in and play rush defensive end. I think I will eventually move to linebacker.

jtcrimson: What is your current size and speed? What # are you gonna wear next year? Are there any other players at your high school that BAMA is recruiting heavily?

Zach Schreiber: I am 6-2, 226. I am not sure what number I will wear. I would like to have a low number, but if not, maybe 30 or 40 something. Doug Stroud, Jon Bell, Greg House, and Dan Kreamer are all going to be big time players at Evangel. I don't think Kreamer will come to Alabama because we just signed a bunch of defensive backs.

Sarge4Tide: At the beginning of the recruiting process what were the 3 factors that were most important in your decision about which colleges to consider?

Zach Schreiber: I felt like the coaches, the program reputation, and how comfortable I felt were the three important factors in my decision. I got the total package at Alabama.

fightingamish: What are your strength, measurables and speed?

Zach Schreiber: My bench is 305, my squat is 415, and I run a legit 4.6.

fightingamish: What have the coaches told you about playing time?

Zach Schreiber: They have not said anything to me about it yet.

fightingamish: What are your expectations, both athletically and academically?

Zach Schreiber: I expect to be a three-year starter, All-SEC, All-American, win a National Championship, and go undefeated. I have big expectations, and I feel like Coach Shula has put Alabama back in the right direction. As far as academics, I expect to have a 4.0 and graduate in four years. I would like to have my masters in five. Grades are always going to come before football.

DTNJ: I heard you were looking to play Def. End. Is that your best position?

Zach Schreiber: I wouldn't say it's my best position. I am just a football player. I am going to make plays no matter what position I am at. When I am at defensive end, I am going to sack the quarterback. When I am playing linebacker, I am going to come up and hit the running back. I am a really good defensive player.

DTNJ: Which of the 3 LB positions do you believe you would play best?

Zach Schreiber: I really don't know. That is going to have to be up to the coaches.

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