Best In The SEC

Each spring, sportswriters and sportscasters receive a number of publictions related to spring football practice. A number of schools, including Alabama, provide spring media guides before the beginning of spring training as a tool for covering practice. Other schools provide a post-spring review instead. One of those is Tennessee, and the Vols' book is a welcome addition.

Years ago this spring practice information was provided in a few sheets of paper from a mimeograph or, perhaps, Xerox machine. Today schools like Alabama and Tennessee produce slick magazine-style publications.

Like the Alabama spring guide, the Tennessee publications provides rosters and depth charts and write-ups about the players and coaches. It looks back at the previous season and ahead to the next.

One reason the Tennessee book is eagerly awaited is because of a page of statistics updated each spring. It is entitled, "Winning...A Tennessee Tradition."

Certainly, Tennessee is a winning football program. And this page proves it. It shows the Vols as second all-time in Southeastern Conference championships. Tennessee has 13. Of course, the chart shows that the Vols trail Alabama, which has 21.

Tennessee is proudly proclaimed as second in the national in all-time bowl appearances with 45. Of course, that is behind Alabama's 52. And the Vols are third in bowl wins with 24. In first place, of course, is Bama with 29. (Southern Cal is in between, in second place with 28.)

The publication lists the all-time winningest Division 1A schools both by percentage and wins. The Vols are eighth in percentage, 69.9, which is pretty good. Up there in fifth at 71.1 is Alabama. And the Vols are ninth in total wins at 746. That's behind Alabama, too. The Crimson Tide is fifth at 764.

Thanks again, Tennessee, for doing the math.

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