"Who Am I?" Revealed

Earlier this week there was a question about a football prospect from Phenix City and whether he was being recruited by Alabama. It brought to memory some of the great players from Phenix City–which is near Auburn–who have played for the Crimson Tide. We shared a brief story of one such player, and now reveal his identity.

Here is the hint we gave:

"When people ask me why I went to Alabama instead of Auburn when I lived in Phenix City, just a few miles from Auburn, I have a simple answer. We had a flat tire. Auburn had invited me to a game, and I was going over with a buddy. But we had a flat tire, didn't have a spare, and had to hitchhike back to Phenix City to get help. I never made it to the Auburn game, and I never even met the Auburn coach who was supposed to be recruiting me."

And we admitted that we were plugging our book, "What It Means To Be Crimson Tide," which will be available in mid-August.

There were some good guesses–Jeremiah Castille, Woodrow Lowe, Billy Jackson, and Triandos Luke among them..

Here are some other things Woodrow Lowe has to say in "What It Means To Be Crimson Tide."

"I think it says something about Alabama that there has never been a Heisman Trophy winner, but there have been 12 Alabama teams that have been national champions. That speaks to team.

"I think another key to success was that we never were down for long. If we had a setback, we bounced back. And we did it with sacrifice, hard work, and discipline. You're never far off from getting back on your feet if you know how to tighten your belt and get back to work.

"It wasn't easy. It was an ordeal. But when you succeed, you have pride. I knew that I had been given the training and preparation to do whatever was necessary. That isn't conceit. But I was made to be confident that I was as good as anyone. We all know people who talk a good game. Coach Bryant and his staff taught us to play a good game. He told us when we made a good play to act like we were used to doing that. We didn't have to show out. We didn't have to tell anyone about it. If we were good enough, someone would tell us about it. And that is true."

Woodrow Lowe is one of two Alabama football players to be a three-time All-American, and he was also named Freshman All-American. He had 134 tackles for the 1973 national championship team. When he was drafted in the fifth round, Coach Bryant said, "That's like getting a fifty dollar gold piece for fifty cents." Lowe played 12 years in the NFL.

In upcoming weeks we will offer more "Who Am I?" features from "What It Means To Be Crimson Tide"

You can read about Woodrow Lowe and dozens of other former players who tell stories of being recruited, practicing, playing, and their lives in "What It Means To Be Crimson Tide," available in August. The book, over 300 pages in hard-cover and oversized format, includes stories and photographs on players who played from the early 1930s through last season. There is also a foreword by Gene Stallings revealing much of his career and how it was affected by Alabama and Coach Bryant.

"What It Means To Be Crimson Tide" can be ordered by VISA or MasterCard by calling 1-205-345-5074. It is $27.95 plus tax (if applicable) and shipping and handling. If you would like, author Kirk McNair will autograph the book as you specify at no additional charge.

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