Bama Power! Photo report

Tide Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Ben Pollard is emphasizing running more this off-season than last. But don't think for a minute that he has given up his goal of every athlete getting stronger across the board.

Tyler Watts works the incline press with dumbbells. Watts already holds the position records for quarterbacks in both the squat and hang clean. Now he's working to improve his bench press.

Ron Case may be retired, but that doesn't mean he has lost his rapport with the players. Here he jokes with kickers Lane Bearden and Michael Ziifle.

Redshirt freshman tailback Marquez Dupree works to strengthen his triceps by performing weighted dips. Note the dumbbell hooked to his weight-lifting belt. That's Kindal Moorehead in the background.

Probably the most recognizable of all the lifts, the flat bench press strengthens both the chest, arms and shoulders. Junior tailback Shaud Williams may not be the tallest athlete on the squad, but he's plenty powerful for his position.

Though only a redshirt sophomore, Justin Smiley is already one of the strongest athletes on the team. Here "Big Smiles" gives his biceps a workout with individual dumbbells.

Though he's played in the shadow of Terry Jones Jr. at tight end, Theo Sanders has always been one of the top weight lifters on the team. As Coach Pollard (also pictured) often notes, with motivated athletes like Sanders a coach just needs to point them in the right direction and then get out of the way.

Having recently moved from quarterback to strong safety, Marc Miller is one of the walk-ons most likely to make an impact on the depth chart this spring.

Punter/placekicker Michael Ziifle shows good form on the hang clean. Since arriving on campus almost two years back, Ziifle has significantly increased his strength levels all around.

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