Top Mississippi Corner Loves Alabama's Camp

One of the most impressive defensive backs in Tuscaloosa for the senior mini-camp was C.J. Bailey from Moss Point High School in Mississippi. Bailey is quickly becoming one of the top prospects in the southeast, and his camp performance has the Tide coaches talking.

Alabama had several hundred prospects in attendance for the Summer Camp. Make sure you check the Hot News for all of the latest updates:

"I thought the Alabama camp went very well," said C.J. Bailey. "I think the coaches were expecting more people, but the rain probably kept some people away. I felt like I had a very successful camp. Coach [Chris] Ball and Coach [Mike] Shula both said they liked what they saw. They told me to call them in two days. I am going to call them tomorrow. Hopefully, they will have an offer for me."

The Crimson Tide lead the nation is pass defense last season, and the secondary is slated as the pre-season top pass defense in the country for the upcoming season. The top ranking has defensive recruits taking notice. Bailey is ranked as the top cornerback in the state of Mississippi, and he is a member of the South Hot 100.

"I stayed in Tuscaloosa for one night at a hotel. The city seemed very busy. I liked the stadium, and the coaches showed me a lot of love. I wouldn't have come all the way from Moss Point, Mississippi, if I didn't have strong interest in Alabama," said Bailey.

"I have been wanting to go to Alabama since I was young. The coaches shocked me a lot when they said to call them in two days. I asked Coach Ball how many defensive backs they have offered. He told me not many. Coach Ball said he hopes to offer me after the camp," Bailey added.

Bailey knew he had respect in his home-state, but when he came to Alabama it was a different atmosphere. He knew he had something to prove. He said, "I have respect in the state of Mississippi as one of the best corners. When I first arrived at Alabama, I didn't have any. I really liked that because it made me more determined. I want to be known as the best defensive back in the South."

Coach Chris Ball and Head Coach Mike Shula made a strong impression with the South Hot 100 corner. Bailey liked what he saw in the young head coach as well as the new techniques he learned from the secondary coach.

"Coach Ball gave me a lot of great pointers that will help me out in the future. I would love to work under him and Coach Shula. I like Coach Ball a lot. He showed me a lot of attention and respect. Coach Shula seemed like a very smart head coach. He is a young coach. He understands the game has changed, and it is different from what it was in the past. A lot of the older coaches have the same mind-set as the old days. Coach Shula understands the new game, and I like him a lot. Coach Shula and Coach Ball both told me they liked my footwork a lot," said Bailey.

Coach Chris Ball and Coach Mike Shula weren't the only two giving Bailey tips during the afternoon. Former prep U.S. Army All-American and current Alabama secondary star, Simeon Castille, stood by Bailey's side watching the impressive performance.

Bailey said, "Simeon Castille stayed by my side the whole camp. I knew his face looked familiar. I watched him on television and from seeing him play in the U.S. Army All-American game two years ago. It was an honor to meet him. He gave me a lot of good pointers throughout the day that will help me out a lot. He is a nice young man. Simeon had a good season last year. Hopefully, he will make a bigger impact on defense this year. Hopefully, I will be able to play with him in the future."

"I wish I could have met Roman Harper. That guy is a monster on defense. He is an All-SEC free safety," Bailey added.

It's pretty clear the interest in the Crimson Tide is high for Bailey, but he is open to a few other schools. If Alabama offers, the Tide is looking good for the South Hot 100 defensive back.

"I think it's a 70% chance I will commit before the season," Bailey said. "I am not ready to name any favorites yet. I am looking at Southern Miss, Alabama, Auburn, Louisiana-Lafayette, and Ole Miss. I don't know yet if I will make a decision for sure before the season. I have talked to a few guys who have said they wish they would have committed before their season began. A school may only want to sign five defensive backs, but they will probably offer twelve guys. The first five to commit are the only ones they take. It's a matter of who commits first. I don't want to be left out."

Bailey is holding offers from Southern Miss and Louisiana-Lafayette. Ole Miss has sent word to Bailey that he has an offer. He said, "Ole Miss is the latest school to offer me. Well, I am not going to officially call it an offer until I see it in writing. I have heard it's in the mail though."

"I don't believe I will take anymore unofficial visits this summer. The last camp I will attend is Southern Miss," Bailey added.

Alabama had several hundred prospects in attendance for the Summer Camp. Make sure you check the Hot News for all of the latest updates:

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