Capital improvement photos

Seeking to move Alabama to the forefront of universities in regard to facilities, Tide Athletics Director Mal Moore announced a $100 million plan for capital improvement. <br><br>Featured are a laundry list of new facilities and renovations, that would include enclosing the North endzone of Bryant-Denny Stadium to expand seating to 92,000.

View of the back of Bryant Denny Stadium, looking at the newly enclosed upper deck and plaza entrance. Part of two parking lots and what is now Eighth Street will be taken up by the plaza.

Looking at the front of the Football Complex with the addition on the right. The new weight room will take up the entire bottom floor with floor-to-ceiling windows looking out front and back. Offices and meeting rooms will take up the second floor area. Also note that the main entrance will be redone, with the receptionist brought down to the ground floor.

Paul Bryant Hall will take on new life, as the original structure will be renovated into a state-of-the-art academic center. Note the new Engineering dormitory added on to the left, which will guarantee compliance with NCAA regulations. Freshman and sophomore football players will be housed within the original walls, along with the Engineering students in the new dormitory. Also, note at the top a dining center will be built, serving the athletes, engineering students and other enrolled UA students as well.

Looking from Bryant Drive toward Coleman Coliseum, the new entrance to the athletics area is shown. It's not drawn, but the baseball stadium would be immediately on the left with the parking lot adjacent to the Football Complex on the right.

The newly enlarged lobby/atrium at the front of Coleman Coliseum is pictured. The view is length-wise, with the entrance to the left and the stadium to the right. Note offices on the second floor looking down on the lobby. As part of the renovation, Tide Pride (now in the basement) and the Alabama Ticket office would move into new office space.

Shown is the proposed Soccer stadium, to seat approximately 2,000 fans. It will be built next to the existing soccer field.

A pavilion will be constructed at the end of the soccer field, housing soccer locker rooms, concessions and rest rooms. This building will also service the new Tennis Stadium, to be built adjacent to the soccer area.

A completely new Tennis Stadium will be constructed next to the present recreational tennis courts, one side for women and the other for men. Note the structure down the middle. Fans will sit on top, with offices and locker rooms underneath. Once the new Tennis Complex is complete, the old stadium will be leveled, allowing the two 'short' football fields to be extended to 100-yard lengths. Any left-over space from the present Tennis Stadium would then be used for parking.

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