Deaderick Tackles Tennessee All-Stars

Elizabethtown, Ky. defensive end and Alabama signee Brandon Deaderick had an impressive performance as the Kentucky All-Stars defeated the Tennessee All-Stars Friday night, 41-27, at Papa John's Stadium in Louisville, Kentucky.

Deaderick talked in-depth about the game, his vicious hit on Tennessee signee Lamarcus Coker, and his readiness to become part of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

"It felt good to be out there playing against those Tennessee boys," said Brandon Deaderick. "Our defense came alive in the second half. We were down in the fourth quarter. They kept making mistake after mistake. We would always capitalize. I showed those Tennessee boys what it is going to be like the next four years. I had the pleasure of shutting down Coker. He said he was going to have seven touchdowns against us. I think he ended up with negative yardage. Our whole defense did really good. We knew we were going to tear them up when Coker said he was going to rush for seven touchdowns. If they would have beaten us, he [Coker] still wouldn't have had a touchdown."

Deaderick was a wrecking force on the defensive line for the Kentucky All-Stars. He appeared in Tennessee's backfield on numerous occasions. With so many great plays, Deaderick's favorite play was his warm-up for the next four years.

"I about flipped Coker one time. Actually, Baron [Huber] was his lead blocker. I went through Baron and BAM! knocked Coker out. It was great," said Deaderick.

After the game, Deaderick planned to spend time with a couple of Tennessee All-Stars and future Tide teammates, Baron Huber and Travis Sikes. Unfortunately, several fights broke out, and the teams were separated.

"After the game about five fight broke out," said Deaderick. "All the coaches ended up separating both teams. I did shake hands with Baron Huber. I told him I would see him soon. Baron played linebacker and fullback. Every time I would go against him I kept saying, 'Hey Bama.' Travis came up to me and said Roll Tide. We were all peaceful with each other."

When asked about his performance Deaderick replied, "I kept beating the offensive linemen off the edge all night long. The running backs would check every time. They would end up blocking me for a second before I could get to the quarterback. I ended up with seven or eight tackles on the night."

Only a few weeks remain until Deaderick arrives on the Tuscaloosa campus, and he is excited.

"I spoke with Coach [Paul] Randolph Saturday night. He asked me about the game, and we talked about the Alabama-Mississippi All-Star game a little bit. I told Coach Randolph I had put on some weight. I am now up to 268 pounds. I am a lot bigger than the first time I went to Alabama. The first time I went down there I weighed 238 pounds.

"I have also become a lot faster and a lot stronger. Coach Randolph said they are going to start me out at defensive end," said Deaderick.

"I can't wait to get down there. I am moving down July 10th. My roommate is going to be Lionel Mitchell. I have not spoken to him yet, but hopefully I can talk to him before I go down there," added Deaderick.

Deaderick, when asked his expectations for the upcoming season, replied, "I plan on playing and contributing on the defensive line. I know what I can do. If I get beat out, I will red-shirt. I think I am ready, though. I think the best person should play. I think I will help the defensive line. I could be the guy who goes in on third and long who can put a lot of pressure on the quarterback."

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