You Know You're Fast When...

Marquez Hall is one of the fastest players in the South this year. Read about it, see it...

You Know You're Fast When...

When teammates are holding up their hands on a kick return as you cross your own 30 yard line you know you're fast. 

When you turn in back to back 4.3+ forties on any surface, you know you're fast.

Marquez Hall of Booker T. Washington in Tuskegee is fast. Both of the above descriptions fit him as he turned his times in on the track at Stephenson High School for the Fellowship Camp on Thursday. I timed Hall at 4.33 yesterday on his second attempt after he had already run in the 4.3's. Hall has the type of speed that warrants him a lot of college looks despite the 5-6.5 and 150 pound frame.

I got a laugh on the first play of his highlight tape, and Hall breaks containment on his own 30 yard line, and his teammates are already signaling touchdown. 

Hall plays running back, corner, and return man for Washington, and he rushed for 1,003 yards and 13 touchdowns on just 93 carries last year earning him All-Metro Honors. He split time with another back last year that went for 900 yards, and he will be featured this year.

Hall has been to one camp already, and he walked away from that camp with an offer.

"I went to Vanderbilt in June, and they offered me a scholarship already. We came to a 7v7 passing camp at Kendrick High School in Columbus. I'm going to Auburn in July. Jacksonville State has offered me too."

Hall was quick to answer when asked if he grew up with a favorite team.

"University of Alabama. I grew up on the Tide. They have a winning tradition. I'm a die hard Alabama fan."

Has Alabama been in contact with him yet?

"Not really, actually Auburn has been scouting me more than Alabama. Coach Whitt has been recruiting me for Auburn. I also like Vanderbilt, Southern Miss, and Clemson."

Schools are recruiting Hall as a corner, and he could have an immediate impact on special teams as well. He is a good student that projects as a full qualifier.

See him in action in this presentation by ScoutTV*:

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