Who Is Worst?

Roy Adams must have been shocked. Based on Adams' reports, one would have thought that he and Phil Fulmer were tight. But according to the Tennessee coach, the Tennessee booster from Memphis is–to put it generously–despicable. That must be heart-breaking for Adams, who has done so much for the Vols' cause.

It's hard to say who Phil Fulmer considers to be the worst character in the grand scheme of the NCAA vs. Alabama. Tennessee's coach issued memoranda to former Southeastern Conference Commissioner Roy Kramer that indicated hate for Logan Young and disdain for his number one supporter, Roy Adams.

Much has been revealed in the case of former Alabama Recruiting Coordinator Ronnie Cottrell and former Alabama Assistant Coach Ivy Williams in their case against the NCAA and others that is scheduled to be heard in Tuscaloosa Circuit Court beginning July 11. I have read many of the documents revealed, but not yet all of them. Still, I am beginning to have some conclusions.

For those making lists, it is almost incomprehensible that so many attorneys could be involved and the lawyers would have a hard time making the Top Ten list of bad apples–unless you count people with law degrees who don't really practice law, like erstwhile Alabama Faculty Chairman of Athletics Gene Marsh, a law school professor. Although Marsh was on the Alabama payroll, in reading the deposition by NCAA Investigator Rich Johanningmeier (high on my list) of Logan Young, there is no indication that Marsh is attempting to affect a good outcome for The University.

At least Fulmer, who would rank high on a bad list composed by most Alabama fans, has a good reason for working against the Crimson Tide. It has proved successful as he has built quite a record against NCAA-weakened Bama. He worries about Alabama signing prospects out of Tennessee. It doesn't keep him from coming into Alabama and signing top players, even though those players may not have been graduated from high school. The University of Tennessee seems to have curious academic standards when it comes to athletics.

Kramer now goes down in SEC history as one of the lowest of the low. There is no excuse for his treatment of Alabama when he was commissioner. Even his attempt to explain away his complicity is pathetic.

Tom Culpepper has his place on the list. The transcript of his telephone conversation with Rodney Orr indicates a sick person, but that audio is even more compelling.

What about Myles Brand, the president of the NCAA? In a deposition he said "not to my knowledge" when asked if the NCAA was paying Culpepper's legal bills. Later an attorney informed the Cottrell-Williams legal team that President Brand needed to amend that deposition, providing the information that indeed the NCAA was paying those bills. It didn't say why. It did say that Brand didn't know. Which opens up more questions. Why would the NCAA pay those bills? And who could authorize such an expenditure without Brand's knowledge?

Of course, some would put Logan Young at the top of the list based on the determination of verdicts against him. Some would even put the lead attorney for Cottrell and Williams, Tommy Gallion, on the list for keeping the sordid affair in the news. And some would place blame on Cottrell. Williams is pretty much just along for the ride, although Young might put him at the top of the bad list based on his woeful testimony in Young's criminal case in Federal court in Memphis.

And the list goes on. Milton Kirk, Lynn Lang, Roy Kramer. Oh, yeah, we mentioned Kramer.

Who is on your list?

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