Making the Grade

Prince Hall has received his test scores. Will the NCAA Clearinghouse like them as well?

"The grades are in," said LaQuita Hall, Prince Hall's mother. "We are having to hold them right now because our counselor has been away on an emergency. We are sending everything to the NCAA Clearinghouse on Friday."

Last month, Hall told he was working hard in the classroom. At the time he was sitting with two A's, one B and one D. His mother is very proud as he stayed focused during the final stretch of his senior year.

"He did very well at the end of the year," Mrs. Hall said. "He is somewhere around where he needs to be. I think he ended up with 3 A's and 1 C. It's almost exactly where he needs to be on the sliding scale. Prince needed to finish the year with a 2.75 GPA. That's exactly what we got with our calculations. Now, we have to see what happens with the NCAA Clearinghouse calculations."

"It is already very stressful for us. The next few weeks will be tough. He ended up scoring a 720 on his SAT. The 720 SAT and the 2.75 GPA is exactly where he needs to be. It's going to be very close," added Mrs. Hall.

When Hall received his grades, one of the first people to hear the news was his recruiting coach, Coach Bob Connelly. There is still a chance Hall may not qualify, but Coach Connelly and the Hall family are thinking about one thing.

"We haven't even thought or talked about junior college or even prep school. His main focus is getting to Alabama. Prince spoke with Coach Connelly right after he received his grades. Coach Connelly told him to send them to the NCAA Clearinghouse immediately. The coaches have not even mentioned to us about prep school or junior college. All they have said is just get to Tuscaloosa," said Mrs. Hall.

Football is still being played in California, and Hall was a participant a recent All-Star game. "Prince played very well this weekend," said Mrs. Hall. "It was an All-Star game between Riverside County and San Berndino County. He ended up with seven tackles and a forced fumble."

The Halls are praying the NCAA Clearinghouse will send good news as Prince has worked very hard to accomplish this goal. He hopes to know within the next two weeks his destination for this fall. If everything goes through the NCAA Clearinghouse, Hall will arrive on the Alabama campus July 10.

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