Darby Will Be Ready for Contact

The cover story for the September issue of ‘BAMA: Inside the Crimson Tide will feature Kenneth Darby and his recovery and hopeful return from sports hernia surgery done in Philadelphia, Pa. on March 2. In an interview on Wednesday for the piece, there was a very encouraging update from Alabama's head athletic trainer, Rodney Brown.

Brown said Kenneth Darby's recovery is nearly complete, and that he fully expects the rising junior to be ready to go when players report on August 8, and when fall practice begins on August 9.

"Am I pretty sure that he's going to get full contact practice in two-a-days? I'm 100 per cent sure," Brown said. " To play full contact you've got to practice full contact."

Brown said that soreness could conceivably creep in and cause Darby to miss some practice time while his body becomes re-accustomed to the new activity, but Darby is expected to be able to participate full contact and full speed in practice.

"He's got to do that to have it to be ready for game time, plus the other thing is from a confidence standpoint, to get in there and really take a hit, cut, run and go full speed, struggle for an extra few yards, things like that," Brown said.

"We're just basically monitoring what he's doing in the strength and conditioning program, because all the exercises they're dong in there are the same things we'd be doing in here. We've got him fully integrated back in with the team and the workout groups. What we're doing now is basically just monitoring him. He checks in with us every day before and after workouts."

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