ScoutTV: Alabama Gets a Steal

One of the favorite parts of my job is opening up video on a player that has made an early commitment that I haven't seen yet, and they end up looking like Tremayne Coger. See him in action in this presentation by ScoutTV.

There are too many players in the south (nearly 800 D1 signees) to see all of them before they start making commitments or even racking up a ton of offers to justify their talent. Fans sometimes ask, "How come he didn't have any other offers?"

The answer for Tremayne Coger seems obvious after watching him in action: Most teams must not have seen him.

This is what early commitments are supposed to look like. The types of players that brought the line from former Georgia Coach Jim Donnan, "When we got to a game, I want my wife to be able to pick out who we're recruiting."

Coger has that type of ability. While cutbacks and change of direction is fun to watch, to find the truly fast player, watch a player that trusts his speed. When a man has an angle on him, he doesn't cut back across the field; he pins his ears back and beats the angle.

Coger made an early commitment to Alabama, and the Crimson Tide got themselves a steal out of Tennessee. He has the ability to play defensive back, wide receiver, or running back. He can be an immediate weapon on special teams.

See him for yourself in this presentation by ScoutTV*:

#23 ATH Tremayne Coger

#23 ATH Tremayne Coger Video 2

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