2005 Predictions

In the mid-1980s when the irascible Ray Perkins was Alabama's head football coach, a sportswriter asked him a long-forgotten question about an upcoming game or upcoming season. "I'm not a predictionist," Perkins snapped, inventing a new word. Most people have thoughts about the future, including Crimson Tide players.

When a handful of Alabama football players got together with some sportswriters Thursday to talk about summer work and the upcoming season, the question of "predicting the season" came up. Some were reluctant, but one or two were bold.

Fullback Tim Castille said, "I think last year was a disappointment. I thought we'd win 10 games last year. We had some bad luck. I'd be disappointed if we didn't win at least 10 games this year.

Defensive tackle Jeremy Clark said, "I don't do predictions. Ask me in December or January and I'll give you a definite number. But I'll say that everyone on this team thinks about winning every game. Going undefeated would be very nice."

Linebacker DeMeco Ryans said, "I wouldn't make a prediction, but our goal is the SEC Championship and the National Championship. And no one wants to fall short of his goal.

Defensive end Wallace Gilberry knew that tailback Kenneth Darby had already been asked the question. "What did Darby say?" Gilberry asked.

Indeed, Darby had been asked. "My prediction for the season is going undefeated," Darby said. "We could have done it last year without the injuries. To do it this year we need to stay injury-free and we need to stay focused."

Gilberry said, "I'll say undefeated, too."

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