Top QB favors Bama

Regarded by some as an offensive surgeon, quarterback Cole Peace of Cedar Bluff, Alabama has a very quick release, good velocity on the ball and tremendous accuracy. Very early in the recruiting process he is favoring Alabama, plus he is interested in Louisville, Auburn, Southern Miss, and UAB.

Peace (6-2, 210, 4.70) is intelligent enough to know when he needs to drill a pass and when he needs to just lay it up. He also shows an ability to place the pass in an area where only the offensive receiver has a chance to make the reception. He leads his receivers well on crossing routes and he hides the ball well on fakes.

His good passing mechanics have allowed Peace to place himself at number six in Alabama history with 5,500 yards pass through his junior year. He finished his freshman year with 118 completions out of 235 attempts for 1,576 yards, 11 touchdowns and 19 interceptions. He dramatically improved those numbers as a sophomore, completing 120 of 224 attempts for 2,007 yards, 20 TDs and only 10 interceptions.

As a junior he continued to mature in his knowledge of the game, and it showed on the field. Peace finished 116 of 201 attempts for 1,967 yards, 23 touchdown receptions against a miniscule six INTs.

Career Stats

Freshman  118  235  19  11  1576  .502
Sophomore 120  224  10  20  2007  .536
Junior    116  201   6  23  1967  .577

TOTAL     354  660  35  54  5550  .536 

His improvement in touchdown / Interception ratio is credited also to an improvement in the running game each year.

Following his junior year, he was selected to the Gadsden Times Dandy Dozen Team, All Region Team, All County Team ( Co-MVP ), and All State Team.

Peace has attended camp at Alabama and Furman. He sports a 29" vertical jump, a 3.0 GPA, and an 18 ACT ( 69 Sum score ). He benches 300, squats 375, and power cleans 275.

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