If they're not practicing, they're lifting

Owing themselves one workout, the Tide players went home following Saturday's scrimmage, but returned on Sunday to get in the lift. And of course since there was no practice scheduled Monday, the players could be found going at it hard in the weight room yet again.

With Cornelius Wortham spotting behind him, senior middle linebacker performs his squat. Always one of the strongest players on the team, Brown is now getting a chance to deliver the blows on defense.

Redshirt freshman Charlie Peprah prepares for the hang clean. Despite being bigger and more muscular than the average cover man, the Tide coaches so far project Peprah at cornerback.

Rising senior leader Alonzo Ephraim talks it over with one of last year's leaders, Victor Ellis. Ephraim is working hard to prepare for his final season in Crimson, while Ellis is getting in the best shape of his life in hopes of hooking up with an NFL team.

Speaking of the NFL draft, the Tide pro hopefuls have been using Coach Terry Jones' considerable experience the last several months. Here, Freddie Milons checks out his workout program with "Big T."

While his arms are partly a result of good genetics, Cornelius Wortham also puts in plenty of work to keep his impressive physique. Remember, spring break, Florida beaches and all the enticements they provide are not too far off for the players.

Junior Rover Brooks Daniels looks on during lifting. Pound-for-pound, Daniels could very well be the most physical player on the squad.

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