Agile lineman considering Bama

Six feet four inch offensive linemen agile enough to play shortstop in baseball don't come along every day. But this Harselle lineman is definitely on Bama's radar screen.

Brett Byford (6-4, 275, 4.90) is a top-notch offensive guard, who averaged five pancake blocks per game and was never knocked off his feet as a junior. He excels at run drive blocking, pass blocking, and he can pull on sweeps.

His Coach, Mike Smith says " he is the best offensive lineman that I have seen or coached in my 16 years on the sideline."

Byford is a limber, agile athlete with natural ability. He has gifted feet and keeps his motor running from whistle to whistle.

Possessing a tendency to make the crucial blocks that spring big plays on offense, Byford was selected his teams most valuable offensive lineman as a junior after grading 87 percent blocking efficiency in a very strict system.

To better describe his mobility, he played baseball for one for the states elite powers, and he was the starting shortstop. He has since given up the diamond and started working out twice a day in the weightroom to increase his strength (BP-275, SQ-500).

Byford has a 3.7 GPA and made 24 on the ACT.

He plans to camp at Alabama, Auburn, and Southern Miss. Those three schools along with Florida and Vanderbilt are showing the most interest.

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