SEC Media Days: Day Two

Auburn Head Coach Tommy Tuberville and Mississippi State's Sylvester Croom, both Alabama opponents in 2005, highlighted a much calmer day two of SEC Media Days at the Wynfrey Hotel in Hoover Thursday.

Georgia's Mark Richt and Vanderbilt's Bobby Johnson, neither of whom are on Alabama's schedule this year, represented their schools at day two of the event.

Alabama, Kentucky, Arkansas and LSU will close out the event Friday morning. Brodie Croyle and Roman Harper will join Mike Shula in the Alabama delegation.

Here are some choice quotes highlights from Thursday's events:

"The SEC is just like the NFL now. It's parity. We all sit here and we say well this team's going to be good and maybe they should be. But it's not how good that team is today. It's not how good that team is next week. It's how good the teams are the day you play them, and that's all that matters." – Sylvester Croom on expectations.

"The other thing that has been a big adjustment for me is those wide hash marks. That's killing me. That's absolutely killing me. I like the ball being in the middle of the field. Those wide hash marks – the defense is playing with 12 guys. And of course at our SEC meetings there was a vote that came up and of course only two coaches voted to change the hashes – me and Shula, the two guys from the pros."

"When you first start you never know how long you're going to last but so far it's been good." – Richt, who is entering his fifth season as Georgia's head coach.

"This is the best football they have in America. You'll find out real quick how you stand up because you're going against the best guys." -- Mississippi State center Chris McNeil on playing in the SEC.

"Morning. Fire Away." – Croom's opening comments in the Internet room.

"We have a couple of freshmen that are young. I guess all freshmen are young unless it's Chris Weinke. We still have plenty of guys to line up and play ball. – Mark Richt on weathering injuries in the off-season.

He talks to us about being a man, doing class work, things like that. And even if we don't have football he wants us to be successful in life, just being a man and handling your business the way he's supposed to… He never talks about Coach Bryant but sometimes I think the way he does us on the field reflects back to it, because he's kind of tough out there some times."—Mississippi State running back Jerious Norwood on his team's relationship with Coach Croom.

"I like the fact our players understand what we're up against. I think that only helps your preparation in the off-season. It's exciting to play someone out of the norm. If you're educated about college football they're a national team. And now playing a team like that on national television to open the year ought to be exciting for everybody." -- Richt on opening with Boise State

"I want to recruit as many of those guys that leave their junior year and go to the NFL as we can get. I want to be like Miami. I want first round draft choices after their junior year. A lot of coaches don't. Yes sir. I want all I can get." – Croom on recruiting.

"Brandon's gained 50 pounds in the last two years." – Tuberville on quarterback Brandon Cox

"We can't even have a ball and two guys in the same room." – Croom on restrictions about interacting with players in the summer.

"I guess you're asking me how we lost to Maine and how we beat Florida. Well, we weren't very good when we played Maine and Maine was a better football team… Going into the Florida game our players had reached a frustration level and some of it came out." – Sylvester Croom.

Line of the Day:

"I saw Will yesterday doing a little drill, our trainers had him picking up marbles with his toes to strengthen his foot. So I said ‘Will, if you don't end up having a great playing pro ball you can always go to the circus. I was very impressed with the dexterity in his toes."

"I actually made it myself out of Coach Tuberville's dinner cloth." – Auburn tackle Marco McNeil on his suit.

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