Byron Walton: Work-out Warrior

Jack Eyer, Personal Trainer, and Training partner Buck Kinney, have worked with several Tide signees prior to their arrival at the Capstone. Eyer started training athletes six years ago with the first athletes including Saleem Rasheed and Dre Fulgham---who attained the level of being the strongest at their positions at Alabama, and Fulgham is still the all time strongest wide receiver.

"Saleem trained for 41/2 months before reporting, and Dre trained for one year before reporting," Eyer said. "Evan Mathis was # 3 and as you know has done quite well reaching a peak of 515 on BP and 400+ on PC. He may have done more now, but these are the best numbers I know of, and I saw him do 515 then turn around and do 30 reps of 225."

The routine is centered around the four Core Lifts of: Bench Press, Incline Bench Press, Power Clean, and Squat. Every subsidiary Lift (5 additional) each day is designed to enhance these four and Core lifts are split and done in two days each per week.

"I remember we had a little trouble getting Saleem to buy this early on, as he thought more Lifts had to be better," Eyer said. "Once we have them very strong (usually about three 6 week cycles) then we will again personalize their workout to fit their position doing training that is similar to their actual playing skill requirements: example if they jump a lot we insert some plyometric training usually involving jumpers and bounds etc. Buck Kinney, is terrific on Leg Training/speed etc., and good all-around as he has Lifted competitively."

"When they get here we like to think they are packing real knock-down power in the collisions that are in football, and are much less prone to injury being strong physically and mentally." Eyer added.

Byron Walton has moved to Tuscaloosa and happy he spent time working-out before his arrival to the Capstone.

It's been great being down here so far," said Byron Walton. I have been here for about three weeks now. I am trying to get adjusted to everything."

When asked of his work-out program Walton said, "Working out at the complex this summer definitely helped me a lot. I made a lot of improvements. I got a lot stronger. I was benching 300(lbs.), but after working out my bench is now up to 385(lbs). My speed has also gotten better."

The freshmen have arrived (exception Prince Hall) and getting adjusted to college life and new roommates.

"Everyone is getting along great down here," Walton said. "My roommate (Marlon Davis) and I are just alike. Everyone is real cool."

Tide players have voluntary work-outs during the summer months, and all are interested in seeing the field during the season.

"I think I will get playing time this year," Walton said. The coaches have told me I won't red-shirt. I have been watching a lot of film with the senior defensive tackles. They are really helping me prepare for this season. I am about 6-4, 325 (lbs.) right now."

Work-out Summary:

Byron Walton: 312 (lbs.) (down 20lbs) - has lifted only one year and trained since early March. He maxed at Squat of 635 (+85 lb); He Flat BP 385 which is up 75 (lbs.). Within a year he has a good shot to be at 500+ on BP.

This is part 1 of a series that will include follow-ups with Marlon Davis, Scott Deaton, and Cory Reamer.

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